If Apple designs all products with screens into narrow

October 18, 2021, 6:39 am
If Apple designs all products with screens into narrow
If Apple designs all products with screens into narrow bezels, I will join the Apple camp. This is a company that puts aesthetics in its DNA.

Zero shot for me. I like my phone to be open to new file types and player. I like to drag and drop files on to my phone. Apple is way too restrictive

It puts aesthetics in its DNA and inconvenience in peoples lives

Apple`s iOs still sucks

Unlike you,most people prefer functionality over aesthetics.

If Apple does that..Will be look at this tweet

I don`t hate Apple, i find its last to the party on features approach a let down.

If you hate samsung so badly then switch to apple. No need to stay with samsung. Only thing is you will loose some followers.

Yes puts aesthetics in its DNA with bezels and the same boring design for several years.

You first look at Apple iPad frame than which tablet thick know that it is impossible, watch narrow frame others do not need, because the watch is chicken ribs

I really don`t like IOS but that`s me. If you think that the bezel will change how you like the phone, just go for it No apple a company that overcharges for useless crap.

Are you sure? I agree on the design part, well except that big notch on the screen But its not about the design your apple phone is technically not yours untill you jail break

Any news on airpods. I heard they changing design from silicon tips to hard tips.

It`s not only about design.

First priority is they stop using the same design for years

Nahh man you just talking , if i ever want to switch to apple the reason would be social media apps . And if i ever have enough money , i would buy both. But for now i`m better off with Samsung, has more pros then cons unlike apple .

This guy dividing mobile tech world into 2 parts 1 samsung 2 apple. That`s it. Pretending like other contenders are never existed. Apple mind.

I will only switch to Apple if they bring back fortnite to App Store. But for now... I`m a Samsung user just for the Galaxy Store hehe

Then I`ll unfollow. Apple is sh*t.

Ill consider this also once they released an iPhone with USB C and Touch ID. Face ID is a real PITA (worse than useless) because of face masks. Until then Ill only use this iPhone as if it is an iPod Touch!

Notch is just disgrace in 2021

Honestly, yeah. I`d rather have an under-screen fingerprint scanner but then again, some people also love that Face ID so much.

It`s a sarcasm in the second sentence, right?

You mean the notch?

If it brings fast charging and USB C, I will jump too

you have a very sensitive heartsmall inconveniences trouble u a lot

They do have a solid ecosystem. Maybe if they create a notch-free iPhone as beautiful as a Note 20 Ultra, I MIGHT consider. But by the time they catch up to a notch-free design, who knows what Samsung will have up their sleeves which will also be even more desirable?

If this is true then you will love the look of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Apple new MacBook as leaked Me too. But look at iPhone 13 Pro Max bezels. Looks like

IceCat, I knew it!!

Thin bezels Notch

Aesthetics over functionality definitely sounds interesting

And raise their prices 20% for their narrow bezels phones? No. But samsung`s design is way ahead than apple??? Here we go again..

Android lacks ui animations & stability. That`s the real fact. Also there should be an inbuilt software these days to connect android seamlessly to windows and continue work from there. If you like iOS design you go with Apple , if you like material you come to android.

Notches aren`t aesthetic lmao

But apple still its prices DNA

Narrow bezels bigger Camera upgrade and i`ll join apple camp. So far s21+ has been greatttttahh!

Aesthetics are fine but what about repairability? Many times has apple "Embalished" something just to make it harder to fix.

Really? I feel like Ur overreacting

Lol you can switch if you want to there`s no need to come up with crazy justifications bruh. Samsung and Apple both have their pros and cons. Some of us like Samsung with it`s shortfalls that are improving and some like Apple with it`s shortfalls too.

yessir, people say that they haven`t changed anything since iPhone 10 but they don`t understand that Apple is maintaining it`s aesthetic

So please everyone stay with Samsung you won`t regret it

IPhone.. a great phone of you don`t want any control, customization .. random wifi turned on. Random shut off. Restarts and such. Let`s not forget where they came up with the idea ether.. I`m a Samsung fanboy and I`m proud of it

> A company that puts aesthetics in its DNA > Makes devices with thick bezels Let`s not forget usb c

Samsung knights rejoice and be glad to stay with Samsung

Narrow bezels? They can be slimmer but not by much. The iPhone is a great phone and this is coming from a current Android user. Im not totally settled on Android though.

Apple is way behind the android competition plus Apple just uses Samsungs hardware and says it`s their own when it really isn`t Apple is just playing catchup trust me I`m right

*This is a company that puts a notch in everything

Well looks like I`ll be unfollowing you soon then

Its like you already made your mind for the switch & now you are just looking for the reasons.

I think you have already joined that camp

you`ve been in Apple`s camp weirdo

The Samsung Knights wont like this tweet but in all seriousness, Id like to see how your experience is. Right now, its very cozy to not be arguing about gadgets 24/7. We are currently in a debate about the M1X MacBook Pros notch rumor.

Samsung is better than Apple

Do not join the apple camp

Can we see notchhhhh in Apple watch in future ?

i mean, the lesser bezels and the more screen is what i want

Maybe they will do it I still like the bezels of the other phones

Apply series 7 bezels on the iPhone and itll destroy the competition.

You already have left Galaxy Camp.

Are looking forward to tomorrows event?

RNA is needed too...

Like series 7 bezels on a phone

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