If a life long iPhone User (not trapped within

August 2, 2021, 10:27 pm
If a life long iPhone User (not trapped within
If a life long iPhone User (not trapped within the Apple Ecosystem) switched to the Pixel 6 they would probably never switch back. Fact or ?

You mean safe and happy within the Apple Ecosystem.

Fact and Im an i sheep so I sheep approved

My journey 2015 : iPhone 6s 2018: Pixel 2 XL 2020: iPhone 12 Pro

Seriously there are some slightly more pressing issues in the world right now that what piece of tech you carry in your pocket.

Im contemplating on wwather to do just this

iMessage, FaceTime and the ease with which my health app integrates with my doctors office would be hard to lose tbh

100% . No one is trapped.

Cap, you dont even know what that phone is

I love both my 4A and 12 Pro Max. Dont think I could ever ONLY have one or the other, but if I had to stick with one it would be my iPhone (family is exclusively iPhone, wife and I have apple watches, tvs, ipads, Air, etc). Bunch of google homes around too

Thats my plan. Tired of the staleness.

Once they experience Google Assistant, they`d be hooked. Once they attempt sending pictures or videos across SMS to their iPhone friends, they`ll run back to the iPhone

Cap, not really possible to know for sure.

That is really tough. For me having half of friends and family on IOS its easy and a good experience. However there is the other half that have Android which is also good in terms of choices. Plus Android messager is pretty cool as my last phone was Android. I say but tough

Pixel is easier. It`s unique. But some apps are way better on iphones so I`d rather have them both

The real question is how are you not trapped in the apple ecosystem if you are a life long iPhone user.

Depends on the other devices they have. Suppose if they have Windows and the android phone (pixel 6) it is a very good combination. For many people the design of the phones matter so they could compare the design and choose the better one!

Hard to leave the ecosystem unless you go all in with Google.

I`m in love with my Pixel 2XL!!! It`s literally perfect and I don`t need anything else!!!

That Pixel 6 pro will be a beast.

Dunno, I once switched to Android but was glad to have returned to the iPhone. Android feels like it requires too much maintaining, the customisation comes at a cost.

For the past few months Iv been saying that if people whove only used Samsung phones most of their lives, tried one plus phones, theyd never look back. But a big part of that is near stock android over one UI MrTechie WeTheTechies

I was a life long apple user, switched to galaxy s7 - s8 - s9. Went back to iPhone and cant ever see myself going back to android

They be like..... They would then say they miss iMessage and facetime so they will switch back.

. Although Pixel 6 looks to be really good, camera and performance are still unknown. Software preferences are still a major deciding factor.

I do like what Google are doing with the Pixel 6 but I dont see anything that would make me switch from an iPhone. The Apple ecosystem is just that good.

People dont buy phones just for phones it has to fit in their ecosystem which is why pixel will not tempt many people

or maybe everyone is an individual with free will and different likes and dislikes? as someone else said your entire statement is based on hypotheticals.

Depends on what you`re looking for Rjey! Fact if they enjoy Android, and like google`s general smartphones, but cap if apple seems to have their preferred smartphone "style". Sorry for being a captain obvious

I wouldn`t say never switch back. But I loved iPhones, and still do, but prefer Samsung phones. I would probably buy a Pixel phone though, or who knows, maybe another iPhone. I just love the S-Pen, and that is what is keeping me with Samsung currently.

Nope. False. Theres ALOT that keeps iPhone users, stay iPhone users. And a lot that make iPhone/Apple users, the most loyal tech users. The pixel 6 looks incredible, but the days of iPhone killers are over.

As much as I`m excited for the Pixel 6, I`ve got to say this is... .

Gonna take a lot for a long time iPhone user to switch. People that have jumped back and forth are more likely.

life long and then not trapped? the person is obviously trapped because its life long lol

Fact! But aside from those trapped in the ecosystem, there are those trapped by it`s branding. Those might just be as hard to convert.

your making hypothetical arguments on hypothetical expectations of to be announced products. I dont think this discussion has any merit until devices are actually in the hands of users.

I should specify that I use MacOS, Windows, iOS/iPadOS and Android but for content creation, social media and communicating with my family, it`s my Apple stuff. For everything else, it`s either or. Android for watching content while browsing and telegram/dms/reply to comments.

I`m not trapped on the IOS systems I switched to Samsung ecosystem for a bit. Still lacking some things. I`m back to the Apple ecosystem, but the Pixel 5 was the first Android devices to make me not use another phone along side it. Only phone without shutter delay and to be smooth even with "just" the 765g.

With how good the Pixel 6 is shaping up to be it`s quite possible. But Apple is difficult to get away from if you`ve been with them for years and invested in other products in that ecosystem.

Depends on personal preference whether they like iOS or Android...

For some yes but theres a Reason that ecosystem is so strong. Pixel watch sounds promising though so least theres that

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