IDK if I should be glad I don`t use

July 21, 2021, 11:12 pm
IDK if I should be glad I don`t use
IDK if I should be glad I don`t use iOS, or questioning WTF Twitter`s doing?

You should always be glad you don`t use iOS (if you don`t like it)

Okay but when I get it I will use my power to downvote bait and post real ___ next time replies

Now twitter can be like reddit, this is great

Well, even if the feature comes across, I still won`t be able to see them, cause I`m on Android, so I don`t really see the point to a feature exclusive to the First World version of the App.

I mean I`m glad cuz only people on IOS have to see it. Unfortunate they do but Android users stay winning I suppose

Theres a downvote button?

Why is Twitter downgrading itself

Let`s see them dislikes on controversial ships lmao

Its even worse considering that last year they were reportedly considering this feature, its not just a sudden interest

They tryna 1-up cancel culture with dislikes

must be a regional thing since i`m on iOS and i don`t have this yet, if the twitter nitro thing they were peddling before was anything to go by.

"If you`re first world enough you can use Reddit on twitter for free"

Why is it a bad thing? I don`t get it?

Bruh I genuinely don`t get the people who think the dislike button is a bad thing, the only problem I see with it is the disliked not being public

Twitter just does whatever it darn pleases, I guess.

They couldnt even think of an original name for it

I dont understand what Twitter is doing sometimes

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