ICYMI: "Trump will not return to Twitter even as

April 26, 2022, 11:32 am
ICYMI: "Trump will not return to Twitter even as Elon Musk purchases platform, will begin using his own TRUTH Social"

Why hasn`t he been using it? Why does he continue to use you as his mouthpiece on Twitter?

So says the man famous for his honesty.

If Trump speaks in a forest and nobody is there to hear him, did he get his message out? Why would he not return to the largest platform if he plans to run again? I get he owns TruthSocial , but you have to speak where the audience is. Trump2024 MakeTwitterGreatAgain

Wait he will start now? What was he to busy before?

WHEN will he begin using Troth Sential? Will it be before or after he reveals his healthcare plan? Or before or after he finishes the wall that he alone can build but wants Biden to complete for him?

They still don`t trust him enough to give him his password yet

Can we talk about Israel on truth social?

He means "Troth Sentiel" right?

Trump will return to Twitter when the world defeats cannibals.

Why hasn`t Trump used Truth Social yet? It was launched over two months ago. Even Trump knows it sucks.

I`m waiting, When the Android version is available to me, Have a day to hear the president`s words! Any1 who believes he`s going to stay on the Titanic that is Truth Social of asks him back on Twitter stand on your head

Can`t imagine why. LOL He`ll come crawling back, it`s only a matter of time.

What a DWAC-job... Can`t wait until the lockup period ends on May 3... LOL When will Android users be let on. They`re still bringing on Apple users. It`s been months. We were told Android users would be on by the end of March, now it`s the end of April. Not impressed but I do love Donald Trump our President

ICYMI: "I personally will not join `Troth Sential` even if the monthly fees are waived!"

Really bad times for Putin. No Trump. No Le Pen. NATO strong. Sanctions as far as the eye can see. Good Times!

As he tweets on twitter

Translation: Truth Social (TS) is struggling, and Trump officially returning to Twitter might kill TS off, and that would infuriate investors in TS.

Trump just lost 2024 election if this is true

Hey Donald, having a temper tamrum? Maybe your diaper needs a changing? Did your nurse give you your medcine yet? So, youre going to start using Truth Social in 2035 when the bugs are worked out?

That will increase value of Twitter

Fun Fact: Donald Trump`s most liked Tweet ever was the one where he announced he had tested positive for Covid. Let that sink in.

Trump won`t come back because Musk has vowed to eliminate bots from the site. Don the Con knows he would be exposed because 70% of his followers before the ban were Russian bots that the Trump campaign bought to make him look more popular and favorable than he really was.

Why would he need to ... you already put his tweet under your name.

Return? He never left. Right "Liz"?

That is another Trump company heading down the toilet

This will be another lie. He wont be able to resist it because he thinks he can garner millions of followers to listen to him. He will rejoin The platform he can`t even pronounce properly..

So long and thanks for all the lies.

Of course not because he`s still here on Twitter. He`s using you to post for him.

Thats not your call any more THX GOD

Is he waiting to get a prize as the 500th subscriber before lying in his first truth message?

"Will Begin"? If he believed in it, he would have ALREADY been into it from Day 1. By not using it, he doesn`t only have zero faith in it- he can`t even remember its name! Makes sense, I was afraid for that. Still, I hope he`ll reconsider.

Yeah, just like when you said this. Really??? WHEN???? WE HAVE BEEN WAITING LONG ENOUGH FOR THIS!!!

Trump said `in a week`. Why not today? Maybe this will be like infrastructure `week`.

If Trump doesn`t want back on Twitter why does he still have a lawsuit against them, and Facebook, trying to get his accounts reinstated? It seems like he`s wasting an awful lot of money from donors to get back on a platform he says he doesn`t want to be on.

He might be in prison anyways This means hes already told that he wont be permitted back on Twitter.

Year right! Like he was going to leave if President Biden got in

If I lose to joe Biden you wont see me again

If he isn`t back on Twitter within a year, I`m moving to Canada.

Trump will go wherever he has an audience,hell be back. Truth social is a mess

Oh is TRUTH social finally a thing? Or was it just a scam to bilk morons of their investment money.

He doesn`t even know Truth Social`s name...He called it ...TROTH CENTRAL at his rally..And he`s not stupid??? .......But Biden has dementia???

He could have bought Twitter for what he made on the DWAC SPAC.....But trump is gonna grift right to the end

LMAO, so he wasn`t already using his own product? Sounds about right. bankrupt

When has trump told the truth?

$10,000 a day. Pay up!

You actually tweeted something I can get behind.

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