I wouldn`t have an iPhone given

November 24, 2021, 12:08 pm
I wouldn`t have an iPhone given
I wouldn`t have an iPhone given. Never had one, never had an iPad.

I had an iPod. Its was shite. Needed an external headphone amp. Apple said the EU models were not volume capped. They lied. Never looked at Apple since and voted to leave the EU. That`ll learn `em....

Same here. Totally overpriced, with built-in obsolescence, forcing you to keep buying newer models.

I used to have one of those iPhone-like iPods, back in the early days... It was OK. But I find Android, especially the later versions, far more customisable and enjoyable to use than iOS.

We don`t do "fruit" puters. I`ve hated Apples since High School... Almost 40 years.

I actually thing that may be opposite

I won`t own an Apple product. Ever.

But I use an Android phone.

I bought an iPad (10.2 inch, 32 GB, Wi-Fi) 1.5 years ago to save on newspaper costs. It paid for itself in 6 months. I also use it to watch chess videos while I`m on the treadmill (otherwise I get bored) and to watch shows on HBO Max.

i anyting is a bad word in our house My husband had to force the switch by just buying me an iPhone when my old contract ended. Still want my android back.

I used to use an iPhone, but dealing with iTunes wasn`t worth it.

Why are Apple users so obsessed with trying to convert us. I prefer Android. I`ve used both. I`m not switching to an iPhone ever.

I`ve had iphones for too long to switch. I`ve got too much invested in the platform and I can`t be arsed to switch. It isn`t worth the difference in capabilities or price to bother.

Samsung devotee here...

Nope...didn`t get that..

The iLife apps were great when they came out. Very intuitive and fairly good out of the gate. iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb and iTunes? were the standouts. Not too sure if they are still 5-star now.

Strongest argument for Android is that when you inevitably lose a charger, there is always someone to hook you up. People with iPhones are useless to me when I need them the most. You might even say they`re selfish.

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