I wonder how #Xbox is measuring the success of

September 14, 2021, 11:51 pm
I wonder how #Xbox is measuring the success of
I wonder how Xbox is measuring the success of their games post the GP era. Take Psychonauts 2 for example. Game sold like shit, a massive flop sales wise. The completion rate for the game is pretty low. Did it attract people to the service? We`ll never know...

Physchonauts is a great franchise and the 2nd entry is well worth playing but it`s fairly obvious Xbox Game Pass didn`t really help push the game to more people and it appears it sold significantly better on PlayStation than Xbox. Microsoft didn`t push it hard enough.

What a shame that they`ve been fed well but they wasted all this food.

It`s also telling that there was no clarification between recurring subs and non-recurring. Just more PR speak.

That`s still fishy to me. You`d think that if it was doing well and there was an increase in concurrent subs we wouldn`t hear the end about it from Phil and Co.

I think since games being under gamepass umbrella.. its all about GP sub count not the games. For example.. if new Batman game is going to gamepass day one, the shines automatically goes to gamepass not Batman.

Have they given numbers for GP lately?

When somethings free you dont really feel the effort to complete it, their was no monetary incentive to go all the way

what did everyone expect was going to happen putting it onto gamepass, this was bound to happen.

Another GamePass victory Xbots are cheap

Don`t be surprised if we don`t see a 3rd entry in the future. It`s a shame because this franchise is Tim Schafer darling, and IMO the best Double Fine game. Sales will never not be important.

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