I will tell you this

January 29, 2021, 12:21 am
I will tell you this
I will tell you this. Samsung software has came a long way I love the UI look that they are rocking right now. Very fast and smooth and I`m very impressed.

1ui works like a charm now who ever don`t like it is nitpicking.... Samsungs don`t lag anymore... No stutters .... Phones are power house

I totally agree they have come a long way since the touchwiz days. I like all the extra features that good lock also provides. Samsung software makes using a big phone easier while Apple pro max doesn`t take advantage of the bigger screen. Apple take note!

With the little time I played with it I think they definitely got it right. They definitely came a long way from touch wiz. Now if they would improve their camera for video then were talking.

Absolutely yes when I played around with it I found it to be right on par with the iPhones UI. Heres the kicker though, I give the edge to Samsung due to the refresh rate. iOS is just as smooth but that refresh rate makes a big difference.

There are still some weird things about it. Like why does Samsung, with a phone this size, have only 4 app icons per row and the custom order for the app drawer is dumb, just have it alphabetical. I know you can change it in settings, just weird this is the default settings

Especially with Swipe Left for Google Now

Right. Lucky Hopefully the 2100 will have fixed that or at least narrowed the gap

It has been and still somewhat is. For my phones at least on exynos

For now at least

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