I was hoping to push things forward, but apparently

February 4, 2021, 9:20 am
I was hoping to push things forward, but apparently
I was hoping to push things forward, but apparently Android needs 3 low-tech wrestling games?! We`ll find some middle ground by the end of the month, skewed in favour of paying customers.

For some reason, the newspaper texts aren`t loading in and it just shows this lol. Hey Mdickie is there any chance you can add a new match like it inferno matchthe only way to win is you have to throw them the fire to beat the match

*Sigh* Some people don`t get the hint do they?

Please ur android version need one thing my boss give me task to by pro licence,i dont do it then he released ne please eliminate this task in game please

Very low resolution

After new update game works excellent

Mat I can`t subscribe membership in my mobile option, See for this my careers as ended in 3 times without any reason,plz solve this You should add option to load hi-res or low-res textures at first startup

my device was good textures are blurry after update give options low to high graphics options that`s good for lowend and highend devices



Mat Don`t listen to the people who want it to be compatible and running great on all devices just push the game man love your work and your game works great with just a few animation bugs

At this pint android users should be very grateful cause it`s running really well right now on max settings... Sure the quality is a little blury but the game is running smooth just appreciate what we have now there`s no reason to complain tbh it`s not even that bad

Finally some confirmation. At least I can spend my 4 dollars in peace when the "middle ground" get`s found.

Are you gonna be adding new moves like Falcon arrow or burning hammer or sitout crucifix powerbomb like from old games?

Of course Androids need low tech its the worst phone in the world

Make for all device sir work in 1 or 2gb phone to as like wr3d type btw i love your hard work

I hope that there will be an option to adjust resolution

Please sir make this game Competable for android 6 devices

I got a A10 and its kinda glitchy but runs fine sir

Thank you! If you`re working hard, it should be for your loyal paying fans

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