I was always wondering what`s the difference between Apple

September 23, 2022, 9:48 am
I was always wondering what`s the difference between Apple
I was always wondering what`s the difference between Apple Pay and Google Pay. Now I know: Google knows about every f*cking payment you make, while Apple doesn`t. More about Apple Pay:

Now do Samsung pay

yeah, keep dreaming

Apple >>>>>>>>>> Google

But how do you know that? Just because the chip is `local` & therefore tied to the signed in user account doesn`t mean the purchase data is incomprehensible to Apple The server & the chip are acting as the same thing The difference is Google is open about what it collects

It is untrue. All financial processors need to collect and process your transaction history for purposes of compliance with anti-AML/TF regulations and protections in place.


Google server. Thats some scary words.

is best for security.

how do you know? ios is closed source yk...

Yesterday i saw this add from samsung saying iphone tell us when it folds , who cares about that , kids games are foldable

Well, in India there is a payments interface (UPI) that allows you to transfer money with end-to-end encryption. And every payments app here uses that system only. Apple pay does not use it so it is not available in India.

It was your mindset. Sorry you failed

Link to Google Pay Data Privacy documentation Oh my sweet summer child...

Who cares, if you pay electronic way, there is always someone who knows about all your payments... :)

and everyone is frightening from meta

I always want to ask "who told you?" when I see stuff like this: "Apple Pay does not store the real card numbers on the device or Apple servers, and payment token data never stored in their cloud servers" Did they pinky promise?

What about samsung pay?

idk if this is fully correct. I`m pretty sure payment tokens and stuff get stored either in titan m2 or tensor security core

Also what kind of clown copies someone else`s tweet without disclosing the source?

Card details stored in your phone Vs card details stored in a secure server. Sorry I would choose option 2 every time.

Oh no!! Google knows I bought a tuna sandwich and a bottle of water today,my life is ruined

Its been clear for years Apple care more about consumers than google (not a high bar). Google use you as $$$ dont see consumers as people

I mean are you surprised? lol

I really don`t understand how anyone can voluntarily use any google services there is an alternative nearly for everything.

Your Bank knows about every f*cking payment you make too Bitcoin will fix it

Google also has deals with fintechs, sharing your card transaction information data.

GPay works totally different in a heavily regulated Digital Payments market of India. What NPCI did is a case study in itself and that the reason Apple Pay may never get rolled out in India.

I use neither, never have never Will. Problem solved

Disadvantages: -Vulnerability to Cyberattacks -Public Wi-Fi Connections Compromise Security -Potential to Bypass Contactless Limits Without Authorization -Apple Collects Significant Personal Data -Confusion and Irritability Among New Users -Failed Transactions Due to Card Clash

It`s like saying I`d drink wine instead due to anti oxidants

Another big difference: While Android allows apps to access NFC chip, iOS doesn`t. As a bank, you need contract with Apple to allow ApplePay to your customers. Price starts on HALF of issuer fee!

One of Apple`s marketing tricks - not entirely authentic. it`s not true; consider payment approval via Stripe. 3rd party services must sync payment status, so all information will be saved on Apple servers. (maybe at least for 10 years - based on regional regulations)

But it is also sending and storing your credit card details on your device.. Google pay is ultimately better for your security

maybe phone??? Lol

Brutha, Apple is worst than Google.

How? can Apple not track DANs? I think the difference is that Card info is not transmitted repeatedly on Apple pay, which makes is more secure.

Bitcoin fixes this

Remember Dont be evil

Original tweet from the actual creator here:

I don`t mind, I would rather have a purchase history and being able to see it, similar to how I can see my location history in Google maps.

lmao the fact that this is not true at all. apple knows everything about you just like google

i use none of these 2 methods to pay. i pay with crypto. no ine knows what i pay

They both have all your data.

This does not answer the main, which is more secure IOS OR ANDROID when it comes to mobile payments?

Lol, and how do still able to pay with the watch if you don`t have your phone closer? "In theory" they ONLY save the data at phone

At least give credit to for stealing his content Apple can disable your phone anytime they want. What`s scarier

I always knew Google did some sort of a Token setup where the actual Card Number was never used, a randomly generated one was used per transaction? I had no idea Apple essentially clones the card to it`s own hw SE, that`s pretty nice.

Except for many banks using push notifications for payment confirmations, which run through Apple`s servers in plain text

Wow. To actually believe that you have privacy on either platform lol

Remember Apple: Computer company. Google: Data company.

Dont be paranoid they use that data for good services like google search and google map

Apple keeps up to its dataprivacy agenda. At least outside of China.

You think this is neat... you should see what Monero can do

Apple pay all day

Are you sure Google Pay works like that? From this article it sounds like Google Pay works similarly to Apple Pay. Yes, but you don`t really get out of this by not using Google Pay. Google gets much of the payment data anyway, just in anonymized form. And it has been proven that anonymized data can be de-anonymized.

I really wish otherwise bright people would stop retweeting and amplifying this wildly inaccurate (and likely purposefully deceiving) diagram.

So does Apple - when your bank sends a notification to the Apple payment service and you receive a notification on your iPhone. What happens at the payment terminal is somewhat irrelevant, both use DPANs.

Buy Bitcoin and forget banks google and apple.

Because Apple cannot compete with google on software development. So they dont brother storing data, and the risk of leaking them.

crypto fixes all of this.

see this

Don`t be so sure. Take a look at Apple`s legal privacy disclosure. They absolutely do collect transaction information on users. Well, I wouldnt say Apple doesnt collect your purchase history, however Id say Apples process is more secure as your payment information is kept on device, not sitting on the cloud as in Googles case, main difference.

What about a connection from APay to Chip?

I agree that it is better, but they have access to a ton of metadata. Arguably, that is the key thing to collect here. The details do not matter as much as the metadata.

This is my shocked face

Googles bussiness is advertising and data and apple is products and hardware. If a company makes 90% of their money without you paying for anything then you are the product.

Use cash and no one will know where you spend your money.

So does the store where you make the purcahse. We live in a track and trace world... What is your point?

how `bout samsung pay?

If you use Bitcoin, then even the bank doesn`t know about your payments.

not surprising, google makes money by selling statistics and every user accepts it before using the service.

Google is an advertising company .. Apple sells hardware ...

Android actually had this secure element based solution like 10 years ago. It was a complete failure, nobody used it. Then there were HCE-based banking apps, but they were slowly overruled by Google Pay, since banks prefer zero costs to non zero costs. btc on the lighting network is even better. Totally anon!

Very hard to imagine Apple doesn`t collect the payment data as well. It`s just not essential to the payment process.

Apple knows how to do privacy! Amazing!

This is NOT fully true. Google also uses tokens. and without network it will work as well for certain times as It has tokens issued by banks.

**** Apple`s overpriced ****.

The only way to cut out intermediaries and have transaction privacy is with Bitcoin`s Lightning Network Exactly! It`s only about token wallets.

use none - so happy ! no googleplay installed

The metadata you see in the wallet is only stored on the device. Just like saved cards. Nothing within Apple Pay is shared over the cloud.

And Bank of course.

And stop using their smart apps

Both know something about you. Stop using them. Use and free yourself.

No, if you don`t use smartphone payment.

Not surprising to me BUT it might depend on the use case? For example, all my AMEX purchases, even without using Apple Pay show up in my wallet, so I think for some cases at least they have all info, even though it`s probably private/encrypted, it goes through their servers :/

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