I`ve had an iPhone for ten years

January 17, 2021, 4:25 pm
I`ve had an iPhone for ten years
Ive had an iPhone for ten years. I really wanna change for something less shit. Whats good? And is it an arseache moving your life and content from one phone to another brand?

This is how all apple users must feel

Ive never done it between an iPhone & a different model

I have only ever had Samsung, even though Android, the phones are (in my opinion) leaving apple behind.

What model is it? Ive got the 11 pro max and love it, its not the best camera I will admit, but its very fast, only thing mine does is sometimes the keyboard sounds dont click. Like you I wear hearing aids and that Dan be a pain

I would suggest calling again and ask to speak with a level 2 / senior tech. Also, let them know that your phone is not working with your accessibility devices and that is an issue.

I find them a lot easier than iPhone

Its really easy now moving photos/music/notes between the new iPhones. And the iPhone 11 battery is great.

Yeah I only had a very few apps that were just for fun but all the important ones were there. There is even an apple music app on android if you have that, tho I also swapped to Spotify years ago too.

Pixel highly recommend

great cameras on it and fairly fast.

If it is only a couple of months old - you might have gotten a lemon and worth looking at getting it swapped out. Also, a glitch in an iOS update could also be the problem - You could try erasing and resetting to see if that solves the problem (also a major ball ache) 1/2

I was the same and switched to a Samsung A51. Great phone and no issues switching

Samsung Galaxy is cool

I dont recall having any problems swapping and having the option of putting/swapping a memory card was a lifesaver, but I swapped from iPhone to Samsung over 5 years ago. Honestly the only things I miss were a few apps that were iPhone exclusive.

Yes, it is a pain moving from one ecosystem to another. As for what is `less shit` - I would suggest identifying the major issues you have with Apple / iOS and then look to see if Samsung / Android seem better to you.

I sing from the Samsung sheet - love`em

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