I`ve been using iPhone in the last 5-6yrs now

June 24, 2022, 11:18 pm
I`ve been using iPhone in the last 5-6yrs now
Ive been using iPhone in the last 5-6yrs now. Tried to use android phone today and it felt like eating sour food. Poverty is not good

Disadvantages of low intellect

please reply him.

Using an android phone isnt poverty.

Lol maybe you used the wrong android sha

The type wey I on hotspot for iphone XR for bank today ,one mbeke wey no know weytin be meaning of security question,abeg,just enjoy ur operation system don`t relate phone to wealth ,that`s a weak thought nowadays .

Poverty? Show us your account balanceLet us see the poor one here

Its not poverty man its preference some folks got money to buy iPhones but they chose android, some android phones are more expensive than most iPhones, thats facts

Wtf Some persons that have iphone and are starving nko? Stop capping

Having iPhone doesn`t make you a rich person

You be mumu, so using iPhone means you have it all those that are using Samsung nko is not android

God when I go use iPhone

How is using android poverty?

its normal to feel different

Dem don gve ur Samsung s21 before???

Ya maad! Even people working at apple factory use android

You dey laugh us

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