I`ve been using @Apple products since 1993

June 25, 2021, 5:40 am
I`ve been using @Apple products since 1993
I`ve been using products since 1993. Why is it that setting up a new one is always a goddamn nightmare?

Same reason they glue batteries in to their ear pods... when the battery wears out, they want you to replace the ear pods instead of replacing the batteries. Because they don`t care about their consumers.

Just go from the premise, you have zero control and they have it all. In other words, play dumb and Apple works better. I have had a two year fiasco with them then cropped up again this week. The customer service actions leave a lot to be desired. still owes me programs.

One time I made the mistake of switching to a new phone at one of their stores during my lunch break. I had to sit there at the Genius Bar, getting hangrier and hangrier, listening people talk about their lunches and give terrible lunch recommendations.

Don`t know. I`m a linux/android guy, but I`m surprised to hear it. What makes it so hard? Is it a desktop or tablet or phone?

isn`t that their motto? "Setting this up will take weeks and will take 5 years off your life"

Not true. Take that back. The new devices always need updates that take longer than the transfer.

Because they keep inventing new problems so that they can sell you something to solve them

Makes you wonder why we do this dance with Easier than Microsoft products.

Really? Ive always found it remarkably easy

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