I think we could all use a little

January 15, 2021, 6:39 pm
I think we could all use a little
I think we could all use a little inspiration right now; are you working on any new apps/games that youd like to show off? What about other non-programming creative projects? Id love to retweet something to distract us all from the pandemic wall

Yet another Expense&Income tracker, but with ability to scan QR-codes. v1.0 is already on the App Store, but I am still working on some cool features. I released a new update for my standings widget, I also added NBA widgets besides football. I`m gonna focus on USA sports to add, like NFL, NHL... Ive been working on an update for over a year. I did a comprehensive redesign focusing on accessibility and easy use for tracking movies. Hoping to get the update out early February. Feel a music or audio file! Currently working on TV Remote Originally it was just meant to replace my TVs remote but had lots of requests for other brands so decided to buy a couple of TVs to test on. This weekend Ill be adding even more supported brands and new features!

I struggle managing relationships, so been working on an app that helps keep you connected. Using a storyline of being shot into space to add some personality. Design by Feel music or an audio file! Shipped HomeCam with support for non:16:9 aspect ratio cameras. Also playing with a version of HomeCam for the Mac menu bar. launched the second lil game, swipe up: swipe up as many times as you can in one minute. play at on TestFlight My best friend & I have been staying in our bubble and recording music for movies that havent been filmed yet. Weird one off recordings of a living room with 2 people & no overdubs. Currently porting my soundboard app called Jingle Box to macOS. Wonky Blocks: An open source Tetris-like game on the Mac App Store (may be on iOS eventually) Im currently redesigning an icon set generating app that Ive been slowly working on for a few years, in order to really test what Ive learned since it launched.

Got sick of ugly 2fa apps, so made my own :) TestFlight should be going live next week and hopefully App Store soon We launched Stories For Letterboxd, an app that let you share reviews, profiles and films from Letterbox as beautiful stories on Instagram. Today we released a new version with new gorgeous styles. Hoping to have my macOS hex editor done soon! Im finishing up the big 2.0 update of my app Really happy how it turned out. Have some Tzeentch goodness to change thing up from the constant Nurgle news Pizza is my thing right now, but also some home automation stuff

Im working on some realistic UI controls in SwiftUI. Not sure yet in what form this will be released but its pretty fun to design and implement these:

Like I built a COVID-19 Virus Tracker that works across the UK. Built with Swift for iOS and React Native for Android and Web. It got rejected for iOS, but its on the web now! (Also protip: I will generally retweet non-Apple stuff on other threads too, so dont feel left out)

I`ve been building an iPhone app that gives you a private space to work through your negative thoughts, and then throw them away. Launching soon! Released a huge update to (Create and share structured meeting minutes). Its available since 2012 but 2021 will be its year. Switched to subscriptions (thanks ), UIDocumentBrowserViewController a lot of SwiftUI. You didnt specify Apple platforms this time! I`m working on a web-based API Explorer for the Destiny API, reading the OpenAPI spec to annotate the JSON with handy comments (item names, enum names, etc) As well as a couple of little ios side projects, Ive been trying my hand at a bit of luthiery. Heres my current project (still very much a WIP). Maybe wont distract from the virus COVID stats for my region / province / country since our tracing app doesnt do it. Not being released, but open source SwiftUI iOS and Mac all. I released my first app to the App Store this week! By Rule is an incredibly useful study tool for anyone interested in learning about college basketball rules Oh thanks!! Actually no, but Ive read pieces once a month for some years at an open mic stage in Copenhagen. Its definitely my outlet :)

Started with the idea of a baking tool that would allow a user to adjust recipes based on the desired yield or ingredients available. Have since added additional functionality like a calorie estimator and a unit converter. Not exactly working right now, but created during the covid-19 pandemy: Its a game I made. My Physics teacher is the main character. The game is only available in Portuguese tho.

Ive been tinkering with a Core Animation Archive/Bundle explorer: I finally announced the project Ive been working on for the past month and hope to launch December 1, 2021! It`s going to utilize the best features of ARKit and iOS to bring an app like never before!

Im building an App which lets you view forgotten photos you took on this day x years ago. It also has notifications which reminds of memories on each day you have new memories Currently working on battery level notifications for Very early stages of my cooking app with integrated timers. Working on an update to my strength workout tracker Taurus to automatically count reps using AirPods Pro! Working on some decent pizzas. Its amazing what an oven can do Working on an app that pulls data from my hometown`s trash pickup date API to learn SwiftUI. It`s going great so far! Im working on what is quite possibly the laziest and most boring app ever. TextEdit To Go. Basically just a .txt editor for iOS and iPadOS. I never actually plan to release it, which is why the name and whole app is pretty lazy. My new app that helps you create beautiful graphics for marketing easily from your phone or iPad! Working on lots of new features for ! We launched a few weeks ago. Its a good way to find some distractions! Powered by and Discover films and TV shows. Track your TV show progress and watched history. We recently launched our dev tool to help iOS devs reduce the size of their iOS apps: If interested in diving deeper can check out our Medium post: I just barely released my new app ACHIEVEMENTS (@achvmntsby2196) which connects your daily/weekly Habits to Goals! Coming soon: Apple Watch support, challenging friends, more Everyone here is welcome to join the TestFlight at send me feedback! Hi Steve, Im a little nervous to mention this but away from the keyboard Ive done recordings reading my own poems in case anyone is inclined towards the spoken word Im having good fun working on a text editor with syntax highlighting, line numbers and other features that come in handy when writing code. Im wrapping up an app I was working on the last 3-4 months. Its called Watch Case and its meant to help organize your collection of mechanical watches... This is my 2020 project to help me stop reading through all the negative news: I built a music practice app to help my kids! Its for playing backing tracks at a slower tempo - normally the music teacher would do that in person, but it just doesnt work on a zoom call. I released it on the App Store for iOS: I just released FlipKit, a flipbook animation app that I`ve been working on and off over the last year as a side project. Early feedback has been great (Apple may feature it ). It`s a fun app, for kids and adults who like to draw. After a very long time, i have been finally able to release my app for lowlight photography It`s meant to take better low light photos on iphones which do not have night mode. Just released res, in time for new years running resolutions Launched Textcraft at the start of the year to convert text into about 100 different formats, and copy them with a tap. It also lets you browse and copy Unicode/ASCII symbols. Its available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and currently featured on the App Store in various categories. Building Singlet, an app to analyze your performance as a runner over time! Super barebones atm but Im working on a todo app that lets you schedule both deadlines and when youre planning on completing tasks Ive been using the time indoors to work on large cross-stitch pieces Id otherwise never finish. This is my current project, pattern from Etsy: Thanks for the retweet the difference a big hitting Indie can make is immense

a side project as a benefit to my classmates. Healthy Shoes is available for pre-order launches Tuesday. Track how far you have run in your favourite shoes - automatically! See your shoe usage on your Home Screen.

(Also: pics or it didnt happen)

I have zero Xcode experience yet Im working on my first app ever. Its called Scrambler. Its a quick and handy password generator for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. I am currently working on the Generate button.

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