i think we can all agree https://t

January 25, 2021, 11:47 am
i think we can all agree https://t
i think we can all agree

yup yup thats my phone flex

bestie im crying i regret buying this purple one so much

Yea i am proud samsung user and btw i have tht same phone

ive been really wanting the samsung flip lately the xr is great and all but

I`m literally selling my iPhone. it`s the one that`d in the pic. which one is the samsung in the pic?? it`s so pretty

Samsung superior yes

regrets regerts regetsd

oomf i literally just got the purple iphone dont do this to me

i cryy- shouldve bought the latest samsung phone

And yes I am tweeting from iPhone cuz I am throwing this phone soon just wait until I get my pay check

twitter for iphone???

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