I think it`s finally time to start planning my

November 30, 2021, 5:45 am
I think it`s finally time to start planning my
I think it`s finally time to start planning my Smartphone Awards for 2021 Which phones would you have winning which awards?

Pixel 6 & 6 pro for best comeback,

Expecting Pixel 6/6 Pro and iPhone 13 series. The Mi 11 Ultra and S21 Ultra are grappling each others necks

Overall winner: iPhone 13 Pro Max (bcz I sold my everything to buy it )

I`m Sorry to say this has already made one on this... So , I think you can chose another topic .... :)

phone of the year iphone 13 pro

Sony Xperia Pro-I is the winner of the year

I think the best design should go to the galaxy flip 3

Best Compact: iPhone 13 Best Camera: s21 ultra Best Battery: iPhone 13 Pro Max The Design Award: Pixel 6 Pro Phone of the Year: S21 ultra

I was literally just watching smartphone awards 2020 can wait to see what the awards have in store

Best camera phone of the year iPhone 13 pro max..

Definitely the s21 ultra!

It`s that big awaited video to be released

I think the best phone would be iphone 13 pro And the best mid range has be pixel 6 Best camera pixel 6 runner up and 13 pro on top

will tell you it`s the pixel 6 for phone of the year and i will agree with him

S21 ultra is the best phone of 2021

Definitely not iphone 13 but 13 proncan get mentions

cool Samsung s21 ultra-best Design & camera

Motorola india lineup as the most underrated.

Does Apple Support respond to customers problems, which is an ongoing issue for 8 days now! Seeking out to you, cause its been more than 40 hours and I havent received a response from or for my issue. Please help

Too late, mrwhoistheboss has already done that.

Best: Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro.

There Will be one for the new iPhone 13 ProMax

Oh no not those again where do those trophies go anyways like you legit give out awards lol

I want `S20 FE` again to be the phone of the year .

Most Improved Player: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 6th Man of the Year: Google Pixel 6 GM of the Year: iPhone 13 Pro Series (for adding 120Hz) Coach of the Year: S21 Ultra MVP:

Loved all time iphone 13 pro max as the No1

How can anyone else that doesn`t sample a bunch of smartphones before making their opinions answer your question with any validity? I have only used one smartphone for 3+ years so I will disqualify myself from answering.

Pixel 6 should be the best mid-ranger.

OnePlus 9Pro Best Battery or Galaxy Fold 3 Best Design Award

iPhone XR: the why bother upgrading award.

You should start the video with 2 minutes silence for LG

Iphone 13 pro max: best battery

Best or least 1phone 13 is in top 5 on the list

Phone of the year Google pixel 6

i13 pro this year for sure

Best camera iPhone 13 pro max and here is why Pixel 6 Pro - In my opinion, the best smartphone of 2021 as a whole. Design Software Cameras Performance (Good in 90% of cases)

Best battery life and camera iPhone 13 pro max

Place your bets- Best Compact: iPhone 13 mini Best Battery: iPhone 13 pro max Best Camera: iPhone 13 pro max Best Foldable: Galaxy Z Fold3 Best Value: Pixel 6 Best Design: Pixel 6 Pro Most improved: Pixel 6 Pro Best Big phone: S21 Ultra Overall best phone: iPhone 13 pro max

Lifetime Achievement Award (similar to music industry and sports) should go to iPhone 6s Plus, which has truly held its own for many years in a market swamped with new players and models that appear on a daily basis. A great phone and a classic, even in 2021

Phone : Sony Xperia Pro-I Award : Pro-Videography Phone : iPhone 13 & Google Pixel 6 Award : Overall

Looks like iPhone is gonna dominate based on what I`m reading

Over all winner (cams+ designs+ specs+OI interface+ software support) S21 ultra.according to me

I think we should go more in IOS rather than Android.am so pumped.

Since I`m from India, I can`t speak for more than Pixel 4a from Google. WhyGoogleWhy

Best Compact: Definitely iPhone 13 Mini Best Camera: Photos: Galaxy S21 Ultra Videos: iPhone 13 Pro Max Best Battery: iPhone 13 Pro Max Best Design: idk, Galaxy S21 Ultra, iPhone 13 Pro, Pixel 6 Pro & Vivo X70Pro looks great. Overall, iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max are the best in 2021.

Oppo Find X3 Pro / All-Rounder Realme GT Neo 2 / Price-Quality Just don`t forget about these two.

I wish the iPhone would win more awards, but it seems it won`t be cutting it this year Google Pixel 6 is going to win a bunch for its amazing price-to-power. Samsung Z-Flip 3 should win at least *something*, though, it`s really become a contender!

Biggest burst of the year

Whatever it is, you`ll have an iPhone there for the views.

Pixel 6 pro for obvious reasons

I think Iphone 13 pro will be best suited as it has overall vast improvement in all the basic yet necessary components.

Pixel 6: best phone 13pro max: battery king 13mini: best compact phone for sure! Just my customer`s review

Smartphone of the year Pixel6Pro or vivox70proplus

Need to revamp the smartphone awards. How can you make it more interesting? Looking forward to it.

Worst Phone design changes from previous model goes to Iphone 13. Just Camera Angle changes. What a joke.

iPhone 13 Pro Max for the best phone of the year

iPhone 13 pro max it would definitely be!!

Galaxy s22 ultra for its design, performance for the best camera on a smartphone

My prediction! Also, the bust of the year has to be the Surface Duo 2 right?

1. Camera:samsung s21 ultra/pixel 6 pro 2. Video:iphone 13 pro max 3.120 hz:iphone 13 pro/max 4. Design:samsung s21 ultra 5. Best budget smartphone:google pixel 6 6. Best software:pixel (android one)/samsung(one ui) 7. Not so worth it:OnePlus 8. Best Tech Youtuber:

The base S21 could be there somewhere (totally not saying this because I have one)

Oppo Find X3 Pro for sexiest phone

Best Budget Phone:Pixel 5a

iPhone mini with promotion and 2 day battery life.

I watched Waiting for yours. You both are damn fvrt Love from Indian

It`s iPhone 13 all the way right, no need for the award show I guess

I would like to see Sony win one tbh

Surface Duo 2 for everything, but I`m sure you`re so biased that you won`t cover it; we all know your truth after you made only one video for that phone that also was only a rant, you completely ignored the true reason that phone exists and its target audience Disgusting of you

Where is blind smartphone camera test 2021?!?!?


xperia Pro-i best cameraphone

We need a best after the sales service award also!

Pixel 6 gets the cake since S21 FE wasnt released this year. Its pretty obvious.

nowhere to be seen this year

Best flagship- s21 ultra Best downgrade of year- s21 Best design- s21 series Nope phone of the year- one plus 9

Best Big Smartphone: Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Best Compact Smartphone: iPhone 13 mini Best Camera Smartphone: iPhone 13 Pro Max Best Battery: ROG Phone 5 Ultimate The Design Award: Google Pixel 6 Best Budget Phone: Pixel 5a

Best overall phone of the year: Pixel 6

also add oje award for software experience and software optimization

Best overall : Google Pixel 6 Best Performance: iPhone 13 Pro Max Break through Design: Mi 11 Ultra Best Camera: Google Pixel 6 Pro Best Value smartphone: Redmi Note 10 Pro

iPhone will get some awards, Id imagine the Pixel will get some awards. No idea about the other though. Sony camera phone thing is really cool. Perhaps a niche award.

We want blind camera test first

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