I think I`m getting to that point where I

January 17, 2021, 4:28 am
I think I`m getting to that point where I
I think I`m getting to that point where I might drop Destiny. I know 2020 has been a rough year for everyone but I feel problems started before then, I`m gonna say around the release of Destiny 2, just so much is missing and it feels like the heart of Destiny has kinda... gone :/

Im probably the one percent of people that havent played it. I seen videos of it looks fun and great I just never played it. Half life Alyx looks great and fun as well I honestly think there should be some more vr games Im shocked Xbox hasnt done vr yet imo.

Yeah imagine half life 3 came to Xbox lol that would be cool but Im thinking of valve right? It would actually make sense for steam and Xbox to work to bring Mcc to steam but idk. I honestly wished portal and half life could come to Xbox but I dont think valve would want to

Yeah true lol I honestly hope Joe can stay with 343 to work on some of the dlc for infinite it may or may not happen I hope it does.

My lord it was super laggy on the laptop Im honestly glad they came on console I dont ever want to use a laptop to play a game from steam Ill just use a pc whenever I plan to get one which maybe awhile before I get one.

Ah okay I remember steam this is a bit of a funny story I had an laptop and this was before I was big fan of halo I was huge fan of five nights at Freddys and since they werent available on console I got steam and bought them I still like five nights at Freddys but honestly

Good point I havent played pc so idk how great it is I wont hate pc though I may try it one day but right now need to save money lol.

Yeah I honestly feel bad for Michael Salvatori I remember finding out he did destiny, and halo soundtrack from a nostalgic critic video I hope he gets the fame one day though.

Yeah consoles wars are really stupid and dont make sense Im always the person who I dont care what console or pc you play on just have fun I dont get why people think theyre console is better then the others or pc personally I see all of them have pros and cons

Ah okay the only ones I remember the most that hiddenxperia and the act man brought up were Joe Statan, and Marty ODonell those the only ones I remember seeing in theyre videos sometimes about games or companies I think.

Oh okay sorry I really aint in the community of destiny so I didnt know or I should say that much mainly the halo community is the community I have been interacting with the most and keep track with besides Xbox, and a little of PlayStation just mainly those game communities

Ah okay to be honest I hope again they can make destiny 2 more well content game. I honestly dont know what to think about bungie its mainly with idk if they a great company with what halo fans said they were or the company they are today Im not trying to say theyre bad

Ah understandable well hopefully something happens to make it better for you. Also question what are clans Im still kinda that noob online gamer so idk much about clans and that stuff.

Ooohhh okay yeah I do have to agree with that. I do enjoy destiny 2 not for the story I havent bought the dlc nor will because I dont have the guts to see cayde die he was too great in that game. The worlds they have I think they look beautiful especially on the series x

@ShinyEmpress270 If Bungie doesn`t sort their game out by Witch Queen comet DLC then I`m just gonna drop the game and focus on Halo Infinite which sucks because my clan is heavily Destiny and sure we`ve expanded in to other games but Destiny is the main

@ShinyEmpress270 They left Activision so now they`re on their own, vaulting content, not bringing Quality of Life changes from Destiny 1 in to Destiny 2, sunsetting armour and weapons and then reissuing those weapons with "new perks" and there is still optimisation and latency problems

I aint a huge fan of destiny I only played destiny 2 main because of cayde-6 a bit but can I ask what you mean on this? Sorry if thats a bit dumb to ask

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