I saw some garbage people talking about FORSPOKEN

December 12, 2021, 5:13 pm
I saw some garbage people talking about FORSPOKEN
I saw some garbage people talking about FORSPOKEN... SMFH.

This makes me wanna preorder the game rn

This games gonna be awesome, ignorant attitudes , they miss one of the biggest and best games of 2022

Cant they remove that garbage???

People are so weird. Idk why they want to drag the game

...Ahh, Steam`s user reviews, nothing new there. That is why i don`t trust in those useless user reviews, especially in both Steam and Metacritic.

Is it true the character is trans ? Cool if she is

Im still gonna play it, gameplay look fun.

Its too early for this bs

some people will never see true happiness

Smh. Its a game. People really have no lives.

Incels have to cope somehow. Imagine claiming the game is made for "black folk" just because it has a black protagonist

That first post and name dropping Neptunia. They`re giving weebs, my people a bad rep. I admit, we`re degenerates. We`re not degenerate THAAAT extent, though

How can ppl tell when the game isnt out not even a demo it looked like infamous to me so Im gonna buy it lol is it only for ps5?

The audacity of certain people. Istg

I don`t remember anything about a trans feminist with an attitude problem from the trailers. was there a new one released? I wanna play that game!

"Forwoken"?? Seriously? Uhhhhhh so it is now woke when a new Female Protagonist (Original IP btw) is in a new game... This is exactly what we need!! More Female Characters in video games! Sad and pathetic people who thinks like that in the picture.

This is just disgusting, I`m now gonna buy Forespoken out of spite

These people should be banned from the society

Yeah lol. It`s crazy

Told u they will bash it

This dude called the game Forwoken

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