I said it once before, but

January 31, 2021, 9:50 pm
I said it once before, but
I said it once before, but... GameCube era was peak Nintendo

Have to agree, I`m currently replaying this gem. I have an unpopular opinion that the Wii was peak Nintendo

That era`s handheld was GBA, so that checks out there, too

Oh my god your right

aaand muting. Sooo agree, Nintendo 64 as well imo

But honestly Nintendo has always been good in every decade, at the end I always look back and all the game an there all so awesome. I cant say that for other systems..

You spelled Super Nintendo wrong

GameCube to Wii era. Wii era was just as good as this era and honestly was flowed into very well.

Ds and wii was peek Nintendo

No. Switch is Nintendo`s golden era.

Say it with me yall: Eh, I think Nintendo franchises had more consistent quality among themselves in the SNES era. Many of these games are still regarded as some of the best of their respective franchises and for good reason, nostalgia aside

Ok where is Mario kart double dash

GameCube vs snes. I never owed either but how does GameCube win this?

I still to this day think whether the snes or gamecube was better in its games library. also both controllers were some of the best and still kinda is

If these games werent rushed we would have all ascended by now

Well yes and no, on top of that Nintendo made the discs smaller because they were afraid of piracy, which in turn made the max file size smaller and scared away 3rd party developers. (1/2)

Then, I wish it worked.

This! so true. So many good memories from the GameCube. I love the Switch. However, GameCube was a time full of inovation and lots of first party support for IPs, both new and old.

If nothing else, it had a game for every single one of the big Nintendo franchises. If you played smash and thought a character was cool, almost without question there was a game of that franchise on the gamecube too. Nowadays, not so much.

Mario sunshine, Luigis mansion, and PM TTYD are peak GameCube. Prove me wrong

I think they are in a great moment now, but the Nintendo of the 2000s was so original and weird... I loved that era.

An era when Nintendo made games with really creaive mechanics, ideas, etc, and never really mafde their games on the safe zone. Nowadays.... man. Its really sad (with a few exceptions)

Yes it was, well said They legit havent stopped producing quality games

where the DS era tho. Nintendo bringing in pors to the switch that`s how you know old Nintendo is better

sadly, nintendo will never peak like this again.

The entire 6th generation of gaming was peak gaming

This was one of my favorites. I really liked the design of the console. Its cute and aesthetically pleasing. Way better looking than todays consoles.

Reminder that, until Phantom Hourglass came out, if you had a Game Boy Player, EVERY Zelda game could be played on the GameCube, and it was great.

Definitely. All downhill after.

The Switch had Nintendo`s best game to date This is 100% true and every gamecube game holds up amazingly, as opposed to all the ps2 and xbox games looking like dogshit for the most part.

It had Pokemon colosseum so yeah I`d say that it was a high point for Nintendo.

No it wasnt, the its the second worst nintendo consol...

Yeah they havent been as good since

You also had Master Quest.

For some yes, for some no. We all have different fond memories of a Nintendo generation.

While I personally disagree, I can see where you`re coming from.

I miss that era! SO many good games

Agreed! Also GBA has a solid library. I dont see Mario Smash Football on this 7w7

Earn$1when a referral confirms their email,$2when they complete a Paid to Sign Up offer, and$5each time they are approved for cashout - for life! You forgot... Custom Robo was SO good

Nintendo will never top GameCube man they was a beast at putting out exclusive game only on Nintendo platform

I think that we are in a somewhat similar situation now

I wholeheartedly agree

Twilight Princess was Wii (unless ported??) but yes those are all bangers.

It really confuses me when people say the GameCube was a failure like the Wii U or Virtual boy when it had countless banger, and not only 1st party games

Missing the greatest one Its true. Nintendo seems to not care much about their IP`s anymore.

Spitting must follow

Held back by the compact discs. I give it props for the peripherals from the GBA player to the E-Reader But, SNES is the true retro peak. Switch is the modern peak that Nintendo is breaking mold.

I agree. Probably that last "normal" Nintendo console.

Mario sunshine tought Nintendo a lot of things like not include more than 3 lines of dialogue for Mario characters

Theres a few games I never got to play on gamecube I wish they were still on stock with...


I disagree, but I still do love the Gamecube era

finally, the 2000s nostalgia is here, i can finally like linkin park unironically again


didnt the gamecube fail in terms of profit or somethin Seeing no double dash makes me :(

It was definitely, now idk what is going on with them, they`re trying to change things in some of their games that do not need to be changed. One of the reason F-Zero hasn`t gotten another game is because Nintendo can`t figure out how to innovate it, when it doesn`t need to......

Nintendo always stays at peak console gaming innovation is always cool to see

God would they re-release star-fox assault with multiplayer support for online?! That would be tops.

You spelled Nintendo 64 wrong

ttyd and sunshine were such banger games and theyre OSTS are amazing...

You forgotten this beauty How bout take off those nostalgia glasses once in awhile?

I can say both the GameCube and Switch era are really great. Surely Nintendo is always striving to improve and they are trying to make even better consoles and games with the Switch and subsequent consoles.

They`ve lost their way nothing hits quite as good as the gamecube

Now they must pretend that it never happened

Definitely the best time. It was a time where we thrived off of having fun. Now we just kinda vibe and game.

One of the greatest games I still go back and play to this day is Mario Kart Double Dash!

The GCN/GBA era of games were truly mystifying to me. There was just something about the ideas Nintendo had, the music and even graphical designs of HUDs and such. Melees menus, Air Rides city, Isle Delfino and the setting of Custom Robo really stood out. A true escape.

It was definitely a time when they werent afraid to experiment more, esp w/ the Mario IP. Like w/ ideas like Double dash, and big stories w/ all sorts of new characters in TTYD and the M&L series. The kind of boldness and creativity that got me into these games

Ehh..... Game wise sure. But as a console it kinda sucked. There is a reason why it had poor sales

Big agree. So many of their franchises got love and attention on the gamecube, i miss it :<

And it`ll never this good. It was always Capitalist.

And don`t forget... Or is that the nostalgia talking?

Taking Wind Waker/TP as examples for "peak" is kinda backwards, considering that as lovable as they are, they`re some of the weakest 3D Zelda has to offer.

I`d say switch is the golden era

Love him or hate him, he`s spitting straight facts.

The GameCube era birthed clover studios which then birthed Platinum Games.

To me it`s super nintendo

Air Ride was fun, but I`m still sad we never got Kirby GCN. RtDL, as much as it is the best Kirby game, just doesn`t feel the same as that trailer.

This was during a time where people actually cared about the game...

Imo the Switch is peak Nintendo and 2017 was probably the best years for them, ever. So many amazing games came out in 2017 like Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario + Rabbids, Sonic Mania, Hollow Knight, and Fire Emblem Warriors. I had so many GameCubes because I would go thru them like crazy like playing every day GameCube will forever be in my heart and will always be my favorite Nintendo system

SNES is the truly G.O.A.T system. But the Gamecube was the first solo console I owned, It`s still great in its own right.

Personally think super nintendo is when they tried their hardest and matched that with timeless polish

Never played it but wheres some Chibi Robo love?

I feel like the GC/GBA era is when Nintendo was the most innovative. There was a lot of weird stuff. And some ideas were baffling. (LoZ:FSA, StarFox Adventures, DK:JB, etc...) But for those who value uniqueness over stability, this is the most interesting era by far.

it was their best aesthetic

I think it has some cool curveballs but is one of their worst sellers because it just didnt connect. I honestly think N64 and Switch are their peak eras though the N64 had more going for it in its first few years.

Lol. Not even close. GameCube is when Nintendo started falling apart. Then again, I`m assume you`re younger and didn`t experience the glory days....

SNES is peak Nintendo. Earthbound, Kirby Superstar, LTTP, Super Mario RPG, DKC, Super Metroid, Castlevania 3, etc. etc.

A LOT of bangers came out of the system. It`s a shame it didn`t sell well, now we got these games for sale at almost the same price as new games these days, if not more lmao

ds/wii era was peak nintendo, im sorry the truth hurts

You forgot a gem Don`t forget Super Mario Strikers!

Switch is a new golden age, to potentially rival Gamecube

Im truly amazed F-Zero GX made this picture list because thats really a top tier game

Some of my strongest nostalgia comes from this era. I was 11-17 for the GameCube, arguably peak youth gaming years.

Why isnt Pokmon Colosseum/darkness on here?

I agree wholeheartedly, but I`d throw the DS in there too. I`m biased since I grew up with it, but it`s too good to pass up.

Don`t forget star fox adventures So many good games on GC. Totally agree

How can someone say that and put Starfox in the picture is beyond me.

that`s what i`ve been sayin all along. best version of Sonic Adventure 2!!! Yea honestly it really was

Thats just ur nostalgia

Weird way to spell Wii

It hurts how good the first two Paper Mario games were, and Super was a very fun change as well, only to get blasted in the face with the dirty old rag that was Sticker Star

Not sure how anyone can say Switch is the best when theres no F-Zero, Starfox, or Metroid yet. In terms of creativity the IPs on the GameCube were definitely their prime. Also Smash Melee defined the series. I remeber playing all those games on the GameCube. They were really enjoyable.

Ive never had a GameCube myself but I borrowed my friends GameCube to play Luigis mansion and it was one of the best games Ive played. I even bought the sper Mario 3D all stars game and gotta say, super Mario sunshine is a pretty good game too

The fact you did put assault over adventure hurts my soul.

Hard to argue with that but I think the Wii deserves to be in that conversation

They were both originally DreamCast but the two best Sonic games Sonic Team has ever put out were also on there.

was it your first system?

Yes, the GameCube is so underrated. The amount of quality 1st party titles in unmatched.

Yeah peak Nintendo for franchises not named Donkey Kong...so for that reason alone SNES remains peak Nintendo for me.

Chibi-Robo, Pikmin 2, Eternal darkness, sonic adventure 2 Battle, Mario party 4-7, Mario strikers, Mario kart DD. So many good and/or memorable games on this system, its a shame it did poorly but the GameCube Aesthetic was amazing. Remember those whisper Ads?

It`ll never be the same

Wasnt born when this era was around but I still agree

Mi era was Wii but yeah, I second this

Always wanted a GameCube, instead i had to wait every christmas to play at my cousins :/

So true so true

In terms of platformers, yeah. But if you`re a JRPG nut than Snes era is the best with Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger.

My favorite era! Before Gamecube, it was the SNES that was peak Nintendo, too! As most games on the Gamecube that were good were either spiritual sequels or direct sequels to the SNES era design.

N64 was as well. But, yeah... GCN era was amazing.

Gamecube + GBA = Golden Age

I wholeheartedly agree! Plus, a lot of the games had amazing local multiplayer modes (that didnt require owning a whole other console) which is what most games nowadays are lacking.

So glad i grew up with that and my ds

Of course. It`s the only console that had two original Pikmin games created for it.

I`m offended that sonic adventure 2 battle isnt here

Such an underrated console

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