I pickup my phone, check apps mindlessly and then

January 22, 2022, 4:53 am
I pickup my phone, check apps mindlessly and then
I pickup my phone, check apps mindlessly and then put it back down at least 10-20 times a day. It`s a big a net negative to my life. Outside of delete those apps. What have people done to combat this habit?

Haha. Actually I don`t have drawers either. Just turn in down and don`t use it.

I like taking walks and leaving my phone at home. Or going out and leaving my phone in the car (or airplane mode).

Settings > Notifications > Scheduled Summary. There you can pick which apps to batch and which to deliver instantly. It really changes the nature of the interaction a welcome break vs a Pavlovian bell. Heres the site. I think they only have one model. It helps a lot for sure. The light phone is so basic it forces way less cell phone addiction. Im def happier this way, tho I do wish it had a camera and ride sharing app.

for example, just moved Instagram inside a Folder. just b/c of that little friction, I open it way less than before.

Leave your phone in the car

android phones have Focus Mode you can choose which apps to limit and need to consciously turn off to get to those apps

Recently, my 3 biggest moves: 1. batching notifications to arrive every three hours (9/12/3/6/9) and using that cadence for scheduled breaks 2. leaving the phone in the next room tiny friction is powerful 3. Add the Screentime widget to your home screen. Youll be shocked

I use the an app called "Freedom". I highly recommend it. You can use it to block websites and apps on your computer and mobile devices on set schedules. You can set it to block different things at different times. I highly recommend it.

Setting > screen time > app limits

This article was a game changer for me. Bought the light phone Agree this is a big problem

Dude , just delete the apps

I rarely do it, but even just leaving my phone in the other room does wonders. I accidentally dropped my phone in a basket of laundry and couldnt find it. Most productive day Id had in MONTHS.

You need some wisdom in your life.

interesting product. Not necessarily just for phone tracking...

Delete them during focus periods and re-download during leisure time

I don`t have an answer. But it`s probably 10-20 time per hour for me.

Do Not Disturb Mode. Leave phone in pocket and you`ll forget about it when you`re focused.

Put your phone display on greyscale. Makes it far less interesting. 1. RescueTime on laptop that automatically blocks distracting websites after a certain amt of usage 2. Deleting apps 3. Switching off phone and leaving it in another room. 4. Briefly used an old (slow) phone Read Mindless Eating but apply the concepts to your phone

Switch back to landline & answering machine.

Had a similar problem. The solution was making Twitter my full-time job.

Phone in drawer, no notifications.

Get one of these for ~40 bucks. Swap your SIM and go with it for 7 days each month or as needed. A Phone Jail with timer that allows for charging and calling access but blocks touchscreen / makes it very unpleasant to use. Set a block of 2-3 hours and its gone.. I haven`t tried it, but i`ve also heard that switching your phone to black and white (under accessibility settings) reduces the dopamine hit and makes it less addictive to check.

I got rid of most of the native apps in favor of using mobile browser to access the services. Extra step (and no push notifications) means I check it less but still get to use the services.

Disable push notifications Remove apps from home screen Mute call/notification sounds (and no vibrate)

I do this too. Adds up to hours of wasted time

Turn off color and use black & white. I set my triple click button on my iPhone to do it.

Haha, I just hate having a phone so I`m not really sure how to help you other than shifting your mindset to hate it somehow.

I have timers set for a few apps

Go to a yoga class lol

There`s an app called Forest that`s fun. It only soft-locks your phone but if you leave it running you grow virtual trees for your forest with bigger, more ornamental trees the longer you leave it locked.

Put it in my desk at the beginning of the day and only check it at lunch and end of day.

I dont even have the email app on my phone exceptions are things like maps, weather, phone calls.

Between 7am and 6pm I get 10 minutes. Use my fitbit to set a timer.

I have a time lock on apps on my phone and only my wife knows the password.

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