I mean let me know if i am

September 14, 2021, 11:28 pm
I mean let me know if i am
I mean let me know if I am wrong but completion of this game looking real low.......

How am I wrong. I literally used your same logic for a game on the opposite platform. Literally the SAME logic. That`s every game out there. Some will like it and beat it some will not like it and drop it, others will take their time with it.

I think its false to say that Xbox is struggling. Theyre doing better than they ever have. They have no released multiple high quality games this year and 4 more at least on the way. PlayStation is doing a killer job too. That doesnt mean Xbox is struggling. Thats false.

Nah, gotta stop worrying about that stuff. It doesnt matter to the gamer. What do I care about NPD.

For me Psychonauts was better than Ratchet. I really enjoyed Rift Apart and it had way better combat than Psychonauts. I just thought the story and genre variation and puzzles were much better in Psychonauts. Not altogether comparable games either though.

Using your own logic then, you should be then questioning why only 9.8% of PS users have completed Act 3 in Retural, right? All I`ve seen is how much people for it. See? Same thought process here as what you are doing with Psychonaut, and Returnal has been out longer. Not only is this for those who`ve signed up to the site to have it track their progress, it`s an optional achievement some likely didn`t go for after completing the game. Why do people waste time doing things like this? Aren`t you supposed to be about `strictly gaming`?

You obviously know this is an achievement only given when you do something AFTER beating the game, after doing something else, and then doing another thing in a specific order right?

You reaching for something to tweet about is the only thing looking real low.

Most wont admit it but thats gamepass effect when i had game passpass i was doing the same trying out games and dropping it it is what it is and i mostly complete the games I play like getting the platinum and everything gamepass ruining gaming the sooner they admit the better

Pretty average for xbox

Also this only takes account for the people with true achievements. For example my achievements wont show up on that site because Im not registered

JermartheGamer is My PSN

Hey David You Got Me As a friend on PSN or Not

So many people try it out the completion rate is always gonna be lower on xbox. People who would have never bought the game tried it for a few minutes just because its on gamepass and never looked at it again.

XboxGamePass may play a roll.

Thanks for that Xgs studio loving , enjoy!

Oh, you couldnt read my tone cause I didnt attach a lol, here you go lol Why would I be mad? Lol

With the game on XGP, it`s possible that a lot of those users tried it and just didn`t like it enough to complete it. And that`s easy to do in a subscription service. When you buying the game though, you best believe your ass is going to be playing it through to completion.

You have to remember thats the percentage of people that use the site not all Xbox players, most on the site are achievement hunters and do beat games

This achievement is not a finish the game achievement its a post game state achievement I screen shotted the one you want to take a look at. Hover over the stats So, 67,168 TA gamers have played it and 3,585(5) TA gamers have finished the game

Those numbers are from people who have signed up on the website and sync the achievements. Same as True Trophies. So, it is not an accurate number. Same as the achievement system on the Xbox. from a different marketplace, the % will be different.

True Acheivements and True Trophies include less than a few hundred thousand gamers worldwide. And for none of those do these figures reflect anything. Sorry bro. You will see similar on True Trophies for big titles.

I still cant believe theyre charging $60 for it.

Its entirely possible to really like a game but also not play a lot of it. I can tell within about 10 minutes if Ill click with a game. Kojima games get a exception since they take like 5hrs to get going but you get what I saying lol

Hmm, well it is a very good game. I think this can be an inflated stay because anyone on gamepass can install it and decide its not for them but they count in the pool the completion percentage is based off of. Vs having to buy a game you might not be interested in.

Ah I see where you are coming from. Yeah there are way too many charlatans on this bird app that don`t play games yet spend all of their free time either tweeting or in Spaces therapy sessions

This is one of those things I guess I just cant wrap my head around. I cant figure out why completion Percentage matters to some.

I will play it eventually...I haven`t even played the first game. But I do plan on playing both just to see what the hype is about. Just been playing other stuff at the moment (Flight Sim, BFV, Splitgate, Halo MCC MP) that has my attention.

More people have platinums on the last of us part 2.

They just trying games on that side!

Ahh gotcha. Yeah I never played the original and figured I`d try this one out. It is def fun and looks and runs great. But of course I have video game ADD so me sticking with a game and finishing is well, almost never gonna happen lol.

Looks to be on par to me

My backlog is nasty. As someone who plays alot of games. My habit has slowed down. Plus i have a 4 year old to deal with. But i will get it. For right now it does not pull me like a ratchet and clank pulls me to play.

steam probably has more completions lmaoo

I`ll be the first to admit I played it for a few hours when it launched.. then haven`t touched it since. But I also have been pretty busy and gaming has not been a priority as of late. But plan on getting back into it.. of course AC Odyssey started talking to me again...

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