I`m trying to migrate from Android to iOS and

September 25, 2021, 8:02 am
I`m trying to migrate from Android to iOS and
Im trying to migrate from Android to iOS and discovering I cant move the Microsoft Authenticator accounts over as the two platforms have different backup methods, which means I have to set them all up again and carry two phones around till I do :(

I`m tempted to zip pay a Duo 2, but also considering waiting for Duo 3 or 4, why you might ask, because I don`t trust msft not to pull the pin on the whole idea in the long term. They have this habit of dumping everything good they make and as such they have lost my trust.

Maybe several years ago. But ever since they decided Android wasn`t the enemy, started looking at Subsystem for Android, and partnered with Samsung... it`s very much the other way around. Some apps come to iOS first... but features tend to come to Android first (sometimes only).

Your Phone on iOS does almost nothing, bnecause Apple blocks most of the functionality if you`re not on a Mac; You can choose a default browser... but that Browser is still just Safari with a skin, because Apple forces that...

Dont worry, the backup methods only work for NON 365 accounts. All those have to be done by hand and its a VERY CLUNKY AND CONFUSING EXPERIENCE

Hmm, no. I can use my device with Windows via Your Phone, not only with Macs; I get to choose my default apps, including browser, NFC payment system, whereas as Apple makes you use theirs; I can stream to Chromecast and other Miracast displays without being locked to Apple TV...

No, most not store apps can be side loaded without root access these days.

I`ve always just had a test device at work. But also I have colleagues that use them that I can hand over to. When it comes to family and friends I just politely tell them that they made their choice and to bugger off and find a genius bar

but the Microsoft duo 2?

What made you switch to apple?

I`ve even heard of people backing up their Authenticator accounts on PAPER (by printing the QR code used at setup of each acct). That at least would transfer over (but umm, not terribly convenient to migrate).

Should have stayed with having passwords

Yes, discovered that a while ago, and only because of this finding Im only using MicrosoftAuthenticator with very limited accounts Big pain in the a*s, which needs an improvement from Microsoft Identity Team. Its bad when its for 2FA, but even worse if its Passwordless

Yea its a pain. I have duo Okta Microsoft and more

This is why I use LastPass for everything other than my MSA codes. Sign into LP and then open Authenticator for it to restore everything.

Multiply this at scale, and then this is a `why` orgs have not moved to MFA at pace we would ideally desire. :/

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