I`m not ready for a world where adults older

September 23, 2022, 7:46 am
I`m not ready for a world where adults older
I`m not ready for a world where adults older than me can`t use computers AND adults younger than me can`t use them either. Smart phones and tablets being locked down platforms is gonna doom us all

All of this is mostly a result of webbased ecosystems and not treating phones like another platform, and, well, SAAS. Installing programs is already such a rare thing to do for the average user, so I don`t expect this to get better.

Every day there`s at least one septuagenarian who is trying to somehow order something through us using their phone - or, in one notable case, a computer running Windows 98 - and one 20-something doing the same, and it`s remarkable how indistinguishable the two are.

It`s the delicate age in which you learned the tech before the moneyed tried to tells us how to to use it.

Already happening with macs people are annoyed they can`t get an app for a website so now Apple is integrating ios apps into Macs

Oh...I could write a book if I weren`t under a 20+ page NDA from one school and an informal from another...

I remember reading articles about how college kids literally do not understand the concepts of `folders`/directories because they`re used to smartphone OSes where everything by default goes in giant unsorted piles, synced to "The Cloud" (i.e.: Someone Else`s Computer).

Majority of people outside of rich developed countries didn`t own computers at home in the 90s and 00s, smartphones were the first devices they ever had.

Majority of people outside of rich developed countries didn`t own computers at home in the 90s and 00s, smartphones were the first devices they ever had.

I regularly think about how computers will not survive a serious disaster to our species. We barely have enough people who know how to generate electricity, let alone build circuit boards, or even vacuum tube based machines like from the 1940s.

Isn`t that Windows 10?

this timeline it just gets worse. there is only worse. why

We are so fucked. Especially when you consider that the internet access is going to get more spotty and the internet space is going to be more gated in the future. Folks are gonna need sneakernets, extremely easy to use, but they have no idea how to use one.

This is what they tried to do with Windows 8 but it was too soon, most users still knew how to use a computer then. But come Windows, say, 15, then they`re gonna have a different story as long as they can sell it to the right audience.

this is why i *did* learn linux

Yeeep. Running into a lot of very competent app users with severe non-app literacy issues. One error box and they run for the hills

tbh at this point im glad my curiosity at linux when i was a kid got me into it early enough to have a usable computer in the future

Reaching the "Windows 8 was a great idea actually, let`s do that again" era

Can confirm - NONE of my students knew how computers, or even their phones, actually worked.

That`s Windows 11, you`re describing Windows 11. >.>

open up new windows 12 computer (PCs are prebuilt and manufactured by Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple for ease of customer use) big shiny bright buttons pop on the built-in monitor of all my favorite apps (which have been consolidated into 3 different companies) time for fun

Take me back, I miss Radio Shack

there`s been a heavy push for that ever since smartphones took off, and lots of basic things in smartphones have taken roots in the OSs years ago now (os-based app stores, default apps that mimic phones like weather/news constant display, super-over-simplified settings menus) :/

My dad was a computer programmer who hated Apple. I have a very specific chip on my shoulder at least in part because of him lol

I only hope at that point Linux is finally usable on the desktop

My big worry is in the near future there`s gonna be pressure from both corporations AND full-fledged adult users who want PCs to act more like smart phones, at which point I`ll have to learn fucking Linux

watching the death of forum boards in real time was heartbreaking so much collective knowledge and community memories will be buried in defunct discord servers, never to be archived or saved in any way

That is terrifying, thanks! ; w ; Don`t worry, I`m only half serious.

Oh yeah, all eighteen year olds can write basic html and know what absolute and relative links are, right? Make a website for your English class project, call tech support if you have any trouble. I used to get so furious.

(When I implied above that knowing computers helped me make friends as a teenager in the 00`s I`m referring to message boards and AIM)

huhhhhh that`s honestly really interesting to hear because it`s only ten years after us but the *exact* opposite experience

This is legitimately horrifying (And admittedly kinda funny lol) Companies realized that they inadvertently created a generation of tech-savvy, self-actualized, and self-teaching people motivated to do more than consume technology. They aren`t going to make the same mistake twice.

au contrair, it`s job security

I just retired from a career in computer support at a university campus. The collision of the scenarios you describe is the professor who thinks students are `digital natives` but neither of them are really conversant with basic tasks like file management, etc.

I used to have an iphone and it was the worst. got a refurbished Razer android and have never looked back. Side loading apps is great

Born too early to have grown up with iPhones, born too late to have grown up without computers, born just in time to have needed to learn about how computers actually work.

I`m not even like, good at computers? But I was a teenaged nerd in the 00`s who wanted friends so I just kinda had to learn a fair bit out of necessity lol

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