i`m juggling a bunch of different gigs right now

June 21, 2022, 8:19 pm
i`m juggling a bunch of different gigs right now
i`m juggling a bunch of different gigs right now and need to keep track of hours I spend on each one, as well as all my upcoming tasks etc. is there any good software for this? or should I just start a bullet journal again

HoursTracker, Quickbooks Time Tracker, Harvest

Are you open to phone apps? iPhone or Android?

I just keep a spreadsheet open and add to that. For Android, I have used bro you have to pay taxes differently for self employment (1099). If you are on W2 then they take out taxes for you and pay half of your social security tax. If not you have to pay it yourself every 3 months or else you might have to pay with interest

I highly rate notion

are they taking out taxes or did you fill out a W9 form for anyone? I`m asking because you might need to cover your ass wrt quarterly taxes and I just went through all this stuff

quick books self employed are you on 1099? do you have an LLC?

Odoo Community, specifically the project and timesheet apps. Super easy.

I think I know why but why?

I thought that would be an issue, but seems to work for me. They become different rooms with different styles of thought, for me worth the tradeoff of less linking.

The solution is obvious. First, youll need an XML editor

Oh I see my comrades beat me to it

Emacs org mode Different headline per project, clock-{in,out} on the headline when switching, use the clock table to report its an apple product, electronic macintosh

About 7 months. Its been great for me, as I could config it to be just right (having done RTW, Wunderlist, Todoist, Clear, custom setup in Roam) and I evolve it as my needs evolve. Im an inbox 0 kind of guy, and use it mostly to track pending and in flight (plans are in Roam)

As a container? Virtual machine? Terminal session? I don`t understand those words.

Google calendar. You can oauth access to your calendar, write a python script to dump it into a SQL database and then run aggregate queries on it to measure how much time you spend on things yes, i do this

This is the year of sandboxed web apps because high roller nerds insist on using some weird esoteric operating system created by some guy called "Linus"

this is Targeted Harassment the only tool u need on linux is emacs org mode

Okay please stop sending me Mac apps. This is the year of linux on the desktop

Toggl is great and is browser based so works well on Linux. If you`re more into CLI tracking then you can check out Task Warrior.

Ah sorry. The pleasures and sorrows of Linux.

You may not want to hear it but everything can be managed on apple notes alone

At least you are living the consumer desktop Linux dream :)

If on Mac, and gigs are on a computer, Im enjoying I just read bullsht journal instead of bullet journal. I think it may be because my bullet journal experience was unsatisfactory.

Where are all the Tools For THought when u need them

i assume it has that option, though i was not using it for that

Daily is a good lightweight tool for this. really its just a lesson that i spend far too much time on awful corners of youtube, and toggl did far too good a job tracking my complete lack of productivity

Twitter is listening.
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