I`m in the market for a new phone for

June 10, 2021, 10:26 pm
I`m in the market for a new phone for
I`m in the market for a new phone for the first time in a while. Looking at the options, I cannot for the life of me understand why people still buy iPhones. You have to spend so much more money for fewer features. It`s like still paying for cable or something lmao.

iphones are high quality. i dont own one but i got an ipad for free from the bank and its they are very well made.

Xiaomi mi series is pretty good. Great hardware at reasonable price. They even did "borrow" few things from Apple xd

I highly recommend the OnePlus series of phones. Don`t need to get the latest model but I`ve heard great things about the OnePkus 8 pro. I got the 7 pro myself.

As someone who develops apps for both platforms, iOS apps are usually better than Android since it`s easier to test on there. There`s a few Android features (haptic keyboard + sideloading) that I need, but I know iOS`s smoother UI is more appealing to some.

It`s not always about the hardware, personally I prefer iOS over android because of how well implemented it is and how well it works with the hardware in the iPhone. iOS is so well optimised for the hardware in the iPhone that it sometimes outclasses androids hardware anyways.

Can confirm my iPhone 5s broke due to an Apple software update after 3.5-4 years of zero issues. Took it to an Apple store to get it fixed and they just tried to sell me another 5s for $250. The 5s was originally just a gift to me and I`d never buy any Apple product myself again

The Moto g line is really good if you`re looking for something cheaper (200-300$) it has great battery life and storage for a good price

Never buy new, thats the secret

Samsung is whats hot right now. Or maybe its just there assistant

1. iPhones are what you get technology illiterate boomers who just need it to do enough and it`s harder to get viruses on. That`s the only time I can recommend them. 2. Try looking at the note phones

Go for something grom Xiaomi on the price range u are interested.

Legendary phone. I had one myself a while ago

I started my smartphone journey with an iPhone 3gs and moved to an s4. I haven`t switched back once and I`m using an S21 ultra now. It`s been a positively amazing ride. The battery works, it`s fast, the camera S L A P S and it`s customizable out the wazoo.

wait what lol this is not at all what this guy is saying

My entire family has iPhones, and we have numerous group chats. Not having iMessage breaks the group chats. Thats my only reason lol

I switched from samsung to apple this year and I have 0 regrets. I never used split screen. icloud is basically unlimited storage with 0 extra thought. ios is great and launchers always just slowed down my system. ios software processing makes up for on paper worse cameras

Personally I`m still a Blackberry guy. The only reason I`m using a full touchscreen phone right now is that it was on a cheap promotion and Blackberry hasn`t announced a new phone in about 3-4 years.

I cant understand how people still buy iPhones

I would suggest buying flag ship phones that is 1 generation behind the current generation phone so that you can have both an affordable premium felling phone with only sightly lower specs than what current phone can offer

All about the pixel my man

I would recommend some of the new Samsungs. I think a recent model is the S20. Great phones.

Pixel 4a if you like smaller phones. Good battery life and decently fast if you don`t do fancy gaming stuff

The fact that i can play emulated games on my android is the biggest reason i have always preferred Android

For me I know that I am going to get software updates for the entire life of an iPhone, usually around 6-7 years. I have yet to see an Android get anywhere near that level of support.

The Pixel A series I personally recommend, solid specs still got a headphone jack and bone stock android no added bs.

Well, if *any* feature would do there`s one that almost nobody cares about: You`re getting *years* of updates with an iPhone (iPhone 6s from 2015 is the oldest device running the current iOS). I cannot overstate how immensely important this is from an IT security perspective.

I actively switched from android to iPhone. Ive been reading through a lot of the posts on here and I see your point with some of those features but I dont care about most of those as I dont use my phone for them. Split screen is the only thing mentioned that would be cool.

Got it. Those are all great features not going to lie. I think theres two ways to look at iPhones. For the price that you pay, youre guaranteed longevity in terms of supported device before its considered obsolete. If you have other Apple Devices, then you have (1/2)

iOS is so good that I will always buy an iPhone. I hate using other phones that arent using iOS.

I bought a Samsung Galaxy J7 Core for 950(110$) in 2018 and im still using it. Not the best phone on the market for sure but it does what it needs to do perfectly.

Yeah the only issue I have is the battery life so I cant argue against that, I stand by the androids are laggy statement though.

What are some fewer features that the iPhones are missing? Very curious.

iMessage is one hell of a drug. Its literally lik 70% of what I do on my phone. Twitter and Reddit work just fine for the extra like 25% of what I use. Battery on new iPhones is still below average compared to androids but WAY better than previous iPhones.

Androids are laggy and have an uuuugllyyyyy UI. Iphones just work.

In all honesty though, Ive only ever bought older iPhone models for about $300. Not dumb enough to keep buying $1000 phones every year. There are always soup kitchens that need extra hands, my friend. Have a good day.

Pros of iPhones: Clean OS, continuous updates for many years (Androids tend to be around 3 years). Cons: Expensive for the amount of things they bring each year. Hardware quality (especially battery) is not great. I use a Samsung S20+, I like it. Use to use iPhone a lot

Going off on iPhone users when there isn`t an adequate market replacement for the product`s strong points (namely, very good customer support if you can pay for it, and a...unique software environment) isn`t going to convince anyone. Individualism will not solve our problems...

I have dabbled with both LG and Apple I still prefer the Apple product mainly for the ecosystem. Just waiting for a Modular Phone to switch lol

I mean I dont agree the phones are worse, I have enjoyed them. But yeah capitalism isnt a meritocracy thats true, probs best not to hang onto that notion. Anyway I am kind bemused at how hard you went on this so Ill just leave it here haha. Glad you are enjoying the switch.

Objectively the IOS UI and touch detection are superior and noticeably so while limited app ecosystem/better customer service. Android is vastly superior for tinkerers and phone gamers/customization in all aspects/better battery. If IPad/Mac(who?) then for sure IOS. If not Droid

what brand and model are you using right now? Please reply thanks!!

I have iPhone 11 and that camera is more than enough for me like

I listen to a show on Twitch for about 6-8 hours a day while working. I get home and dont have to charge at all untill i go to bed. The battery is enough for me + i always bring a charger in case

But I like service I am provided. I prefer it to yours. I have owned both styles of phone. I just dont take offence that you like yours more. This isnt an ISP or healthcare monopoly. We both had free choice of phone.

Gbay have you tried using iPhones before?

Been using flagship androids my entire life and switched to the iPhone 12 Pro recently. It just feels smoother and more seamless to use despite looking worse when comparing specs

Gonna say thats a massive reach my dude. Its just that which high powered super computer smartphone with comparable features and lifespan you buy isnt that important. Obviously having free versus paid healthcare is massively different lmao.

The Apple ecosystem is amazing. If you already own a Mac and an iPad maybe, the value of an iPhone is suddenly (almost) justified. At least that`s what I hear from my friends, I would never buy one myself

My oneplus 8t has a STUPID good battery with insanely fast charging and ive never had a problem with it

Look into Xiaomi or Oppo, pretty good value for money there.

I understood the phone and all that but its about comfort. The layout of the iPhone just feels better for me. I like iOS and feel comfortable with that and as i said, i dont need all those extra features really

oneplus is the way , if you want one of the best phones from 2020 for a low price since new one came out oneplus 8 pro is a truly great option

Depends on your budget, but I`d recommend OnePlus or Xiaomi

If you think that android manufactuers also don`t use planned obsolesence you have drunk somebodies kool aid. I`ve never had an iPhone break before replacing it after 3/4 years+ or so, anaecdotal evidence is pretty meaningless. They offer software support over many years too.

I recommend a previous gen flagship after a new one has been announced, that way you get a top tier phone for half.

Just get a used iPhone if the Price is such an issue lol

Go for one of the cheaper samsungs, A52 etc, incredible specs for the price, focused on the essentials(screen, battery) and cut the new crap, wireless charging i.e

I`m either looking at the one plus 9/9 pro, or an S21/21+, 120hz or bust

Prefer the OS, dont use the extra features, prefer the hardware quality and long-lifespan, nice materials etc

iPhones are the most overrated phones to ever exist. Waste of money for sure

look at the redmi note pro 8 or notre pro 9. Really good smartphone with a good configuration. somewhat cheap in Europe but I don`t know in USA

I suggest getting a Google Pixel phone! Flagships are top end and are way less pricey than competing equivalent phones in the market.

i still buy apple phones and i know full well that there are better brands out there idk i just like them

iPhones don`t even have a waifu smh

it`s literally just because of imessage. having to text someone who doesn`t have it is just riddled with issues, ESPECIALLY when it comes to group texts

Apple has a good record on privacy concerns. Other than that, Android is far superior.

Grab a pixel man! I`ll never go back to other phones

Nubia red magic 6 pro and the Asus gaming phone are the two best phones in the world currently (both are android).

Thats why I buy semi-new iPhones refurbished and not the new ones for those ridiculous prices. Its pointless to buy the new ones at full price when theyre new, better to save some money and buy them refurbished after a few years of existence

I guess my next phone is gonna be a huawei...

Unsure of your budget, but take a look at the Oneplus android phones, they are great.

Androids could literally turn into a COVID cure and Id still pick Apple lmfao. Theyre just 30000x more comfortable, and Ive been an LG and Samsung user before so Ive experienced the clunkiness of them firsthand.

Using "unibrow" iPhone for like a year or so and never noticed it after 1-2 hours

close to nobody buys phones for functionality, I think

Most people don`t need more features, they want comfort - and Apple providing exactly that. Simple and easy to use for life needs.

They`re paying for the name, really. Either that or a sick Apple TV integration set up at home but mostly it will be brand loyalty.

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