i`m here to talk about the train wrecks and

December 2, 2021, 5:37 am
i`m here to talk about the train wrecks and
im here to talk about the train wrecks and their failed filters. period

Only time I`ve ever side eyed my iPhone. I`m still in so much shock lol

Queen Im just about to start the catch up at 5am England time, I lost my beloved auntie on Sunday & need your quick wit too distract me. Life is short & Chantal wastes it. Thank u 4 the escape Charlie here we go.. x

Ill release my findings when Im satisfied Why does her ears look like that lmao Of course and SAME. Ive been conducting a filter scientific analysis between my husbands Samsung and my iPhone today

I cant believe she has the nerve to speak on anyone elses looks

I just can`t get over the iphone pic of her gargantuan head in what looks like a hospital gown.

not her saying when she looks in the mirror she sees the Samsung version of herself DELUSIONAL- I swear to god she`s suddenly life by jen`s twin

Does anybody have the iPhone version of her flashing her new black underware? Lol

She looks like a totally different person.

I was shook about the filters I thought that was a lie

[email protected] thank youuuu for the screen shots

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