I`m glad you asked

October 17, 2021, 1:20 pm
I`m glad you asked
Im glad you asked. No. (Sent from my iPad.)

As an Android phone user and an iPad user, iPad OS has gotten much better at 15. And Android auto, when it`s working is my preference over carplay.

Yeah, you can use whatever OS use want. You tweeted your preference, no need for anyone to abuse you for that.

Oh for gods sake, people, use whatever you like and stop fighting for companies that care only about your money.

OSs sometimes feel like religions, weirdly.

Funny. I thought you were. I`m using an iPhone 12 Pro and Surface Duo. I prefer the latter, even with its well known bugs. Obviously not for the camera, but as a device that helps me do more in the day, absolutely.

i like the leaking tap dp

People get so hurt over others` opinions. It`s silly. People have different perspectives on so many electronic devices. Variety is the spice of life.

Jesus really? I had people unfollow me the other day due to returning my Pixel. Didn`t even say anything about it

To Apple fan boys, it`s actually a religion

The notification system on iOS is one of the main reasons I`m still on Android.

Back in the day OSses were religions Looks like nothing changed lol

Sad think is they`ll call you toxic

Really sad that this caused a few people to attack me on such a personal level that it necessitated blocking. Youd think Id attacked their religion or something.

It`s all on you for starting a controversial discussion. People are not that smart to understand jokes.

Ofc ios and iPad os is more smooth and reliable than android. Android should really work in ui animations , better app ui and reliability...

All would have known it even if you hadn`t specified

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