I`m curious - whether you have an iPhone or

July 21, 2021, 11:54 pm
I`m curious - whether you have an iPhone or
Im curious - whether you have an iPhone or an Android, how long do you typically keep a phone before replacing it?

1 year if theres a new phone

We only buy Android, because if you have any dispute with Apple,... They won`t allow you access to your photos, your saved archives, etc. I get a new one whenever that "thing" happens while slamming the car door. That`s about every 3-4 years.

I carry Google phones. They give 3 years of updates for each model. But the new Pixel 6 is supposed to move to a 5 years of updates. So we`ll see.

Every year. And I replace my husbands every two years

I use to get a new one when they offered an upgrade but now that phone companies are roping us over a new phone I only get a new one when absolutely necessary.

1.5 to 2 years. And I switch from android to iPhone every 2 generations.

Samsung Android now and this is the longest I`ve had it at 2.5 years (also 3rd ever Android and my 2nd Android in a row my last phone was LG) But I typically always replaced mine every 2 years before this phone just too much hassle this time as it was paid off during restrictions

2-3 years is ideal for me

2-3 years for each David and I.

Depends, my iPhone 10 lasted me 2.5 years, then a Samsung for one and this last LG I had only lasted 6 months now Im back on iPhone and will never go back again lol.

android 2-4 years

usually every 2 years sometimes 3

These days its been about 3-4 years. I tryyyyy to ignore the ooo have a new phone propaganda but its hard. Case in point, right now (almost 3yrs), Im talking about how my phone is slowing down like the last one at 3yrs (the processor was crapping out and so was the battery..

Android, 2-3 years, which is usually around when it has a catastrophic failure

Till the battery lasts less then 5 hours. No joke before I got my 8+ I had a 6s+ that would last 2 hours

I recently upgraded from a 6s Plus to a 12. If that gives an indication.

Depends on what the new features are on the next release.

About 2-3 years. When it needs more than one charge per 24 hours, it`s time for a new one.

Android. 2 years.

Until it dies. My first phone was close to 8 years old when it finally gave up the ghost.

iPhone user, and I get a new one every two or three years.

Android, google pixel for generations. I keep for 2-3 years un til updates end

2-3 years. The slow-down gets too hard to ignore around that time

iPhone, every 2 years probably?

As long as I possibly can... so about 4 years

Im on a little over 3 years with my iPhone 8

I get a new phone every 2 years with my contract so that`s how long a phone typically lasts me

I had my last one almost 8 years. I run them into the ground.

I have a Galaxy and I keep them about 3ish years. I`m getting a new one in about a month.

A couple of years. Its when the battery fails to last the majority of a day of average use that I eventually decide to replace it.

2.5 years on average

Usually a few years. However, I`ll be going from 12 to 13 with Apple so my other half can have the one I currently have.

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