I know this is a petty ass complaint

January 17, 2021, 6:29 pm
I know this is a petty ass complaint
I know this is a petty ass complaint.. but I finally upgraded my phone and Apple switched to USBC chargers but didnt provide a charging brick?! So they change it from the one everyone has to one nobody has.. & for that price not providing one is messed up man.

Your brick will still work. They said they where doing this in thing they always do when showing what phones are coming out

Mine came with the brick

They want you to buy a magnet charter. They get rid of port altogether soon Im sure of it. The ports are often faulty and costly

So many people in the comments saying this is why you should switch to Driod. uhm, have you not been paying attention to the news? Other brands like Samsung have stated that they will also stop supplying charging bricks this year as well. All companies are doing what Apple did.

Its super dumb and just happened with the 12s. I have an 11pro and I got a brick

i was just complaining about this the other day! i got a wireless charger, which requires a USBC brick, but they dont send one with it!! so they make you spend even more money instead of including one, or giving the option to add one free of charge

Yea I was pretty pissed as well.

you can use your old chargers:). the reason they are doing this is to help reduce their environmental impact. I understand how frustrating it is. The USB-C charger is now being the universal charger for all devices, iphone, ipad and macbook.

New Samsung s21s doesnt have the brick either.

They switched to USBC for the port but lightning ports are still on the phone. I tossed the charger and just keep using my old one.

Bought the 11 iphone, the brick it came with was USB-C, but they provided a USB-C > lightning cables (same as my iPod Pros). Actually really happy they switched, I have MacBook cords in every room of my house

Yep. Rude. I did the same thing

Their reasoning was that most people didnt use the block that came with the phone. I had three or four devices that are USB-C so I could plug it into those. More people have something to plug it into than not, or are using wireless charging pads. Its to limit plastic waste.

I could not agree more. Luckily my bf had a cube for me but what did they expect us to do...go buy one of course. Any way they can make a pretty penny off of us they will!

the only nice thing about the new charger is that it fits into my laptop without a connector

The fact that nearly all electronics are coming as some sort of usb and nearly all of them come WITHOUT the brick to plug it into now is absolutely utter bs. It`s like the new "batteries not included" for our times

LOUDER phones are expensive enough.

I second that! Its frustrating to use wall outlet from an old iphone.

Its in their effort to be more Green/lessen their carbon footprint

Mine came with a brick, thats so weird!

(I frickin agree)

This is another reason I don`t buy Apple products. Lol

Literally did the same yesterday. Such a scam.

Their claim is "environmental reasons" but it`s just forcing everyone to buy the brick anyways riddle me that one. Apple totally amazes me sometimes, especially since they`re a multi billion dollar company

Congrats you paid a ton of money for a phone that has the same charger as the phone you switched from

I thought the same thing. I bought an 20w Ankor charger off Amazon when I need a super quick charge but still use my 5w and it works just fine .

Samsung made the same change when I got my s20 ultra but at least the provided a brick

Thats fuc*king Apple for ya! I still use my old charger, havent bought the brick yet.

That`s the Apple life

That just happened to me this week too! I am so salty lol

Thats Apple for you..

Your old iPhone charger will still work with the new iPhone

I know it!!! I got my daughter the iphone XR for Christmas & it wasn`t cheap!!!(as y`all know) And when I saw I had to buy a charger??!! I was like dayum APPLE REALLLLLLY??? For that price it should w a gold plated charger!

Yes! I hated that too. And im still not pleased with the standard headphone port missing

Im not sure if this is what youre talking about exactly, but I use this for my iPad! Apple is a bad company.

and they claim its for environmental benefit you know its a lie to get more money. GIVE ME MY BRICK!! i had to pay $20 for the one that fit it

Definitely not petty. It`s pretty dang annoying that all these companies are not including the adapter with their stuff. And it doesn`t matter how expensive it is.

Its disgraceful I think they assume people have usb sockets

Youre other iPhone charger will work just as fine. I dont even use the cable that came with my 12 pro. Only when Im using my MacBook.

Your old iPhone charger will work fine with the IPhone 12s. The cord they give is a quick charge cord which does require a different style brick. Any iPhone charger will work with the new ones but if you want the perks of the rapid charge cord you have to buy a new brick

Buy the knock off brick from Amazon! Its amazing! USB C Charger 20W, PowerLot PD 3.0 GaN Charger Ultra Compact Compatible with iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/11/11 Pro/XS/XS Max/XR/X, iPad Air 4, iPad Pro, AirPods and More id get if if they did it with the 2nd phone that had that charger but WHY THE FIRST

But your old charging cords will fit the new phones. I also had to buy a charging brick for my mom cause it was her first ever iPhone.

I havent used the charging cable that came with mine. Im using my old cable and brick.

That`s why I only buy android and only samsung galaxies. I can`t get on board with apple at all.

Not petty at all!

I can mail you one

You dont have to use the usbc the older chargers still work! I just upgraded to the 12 pro max and I can still use my old charger.

Yessssss i was annoyed with this as well.

I just found that out too when I went to use the new cable that came with my phone......WTF

I just bought adapters to fit on the end of the cord so I could still use the 500 usb blocks for we have... its was stupid of them to change it and then provide it. Everyone has 500 usb blocks not 500 usbc blocks. We have one for the MacBook. I wasnt about to buy more blocks.

Just got mine this week and I agree. I also feel the same way about the ear buds. I bought two USB-C charging bricks, one for the new lightning cord and one for a wireless charger (everything from Amazon). For work and the car, I`ll still use my old lightning cords.

That`s why i don`t buy from Apple the way they deliberately slow down their old phones when a new model comes out is gross and its all a complete ripoff

I said the same thing when my husband got his new phone!

Hated apple. Android all dayyyyy. Switched and never looked back

It pissed me off, too. There was a brick recommended to me that you can get on Amazon for less than Apple that I can link. So far I just use my old charging cables.

I can use my old charger. I have iPhone 12 Pro.

Wait the new iPhones use usbc or is it lightning to usbc??

You can use your old lighting charging cable though with it. But yeah they effed us over with that one.

It`s not petty. Phone coming without a charger is the dumbest thing ever.

I got the new iPad earlier and it came with the new brick. Idk why they didnt include it with the phones. Shady

Your old adapter will work. They announced that last year when the 12s came out. Same way with earbuds. Everyone has tons of them already. They did lower the price of those things in case you need to buy them. I thought the same exact thing until I learned the old 1 will work

You can still use your old lightening charger! I upgraded to the 12 pro max and I was SO pissed but then I realized I could still use my old one!!

I think I saw in a video about this, that the reason they didnt include it is to try to help reduce e-waste

I have seen so many people complain about this! Ridiculous!

Also the fact you cant use headphones and charge your phone at the same time. Super annoying!

Rather than buying a new brick, Im using my old cords and bricks. I was so mad when I opened the box and couldnt figure out how to charge the phone at first!

We need to stop buying apple products. Theyre scamming the hell out of everyone and were still supporting the brand.

It is super annoying but the cord fits into the ne macbook charger bricks if you have one!

Not a petty complaint because their prices are ridiculous to begin with so, they shouldve provided it - PERIODT!!!

Apple is a scam

Totally dude. Especially considering how insanely cheap they are to make.

I just use my old charging cords since they still work with the 12 Amazon sells bricks for the new charger for cheap!

Just one more way for them to make money!

I just paid my phone off and this is a main reason Im not upgrading anytime soon.

There is a sketch about this lol I had to purchase a new charging brick after not realising we dont get one anymore. I wish they wouldve just gave an option to purchase one for half the price when buying a new iPhone as the price you pay for a new IPhone is already expensive. Seems like greed to me

just be happy that its a usb-c lmao so much better than lightning cable

I live in Switzerland and I have received correct charging brick.

Nahh Apple is absolutely trash you`re not being petty. Wait until a year and half passes and your phone is slowed down intentionally because it "cant handle the new updates"

Wait when theyd start doing that? I got the iPhone 11 last year & mine came with a new brick

You can use your old iPhone chargers

Yes! We bought my mom the SE for Christmas and no charging brick. I thought maybe it was just bc it was a lower tier phone. Thats unbelievable.

Hey! I work in phone sales and its absolute bullshit lmfao the reason they did this IMO is because with the new 12 series theyre trying to get everyone to use the new fast charging accessories (which cost more). You can still use other chargers though! All your old ones r fine!

I think thats everyones biggest complaint about the iPhone 12. Thats the reason I still have my iPhone XS Max.

It irritated me at first, but you can use your old cords. The next time I did an Amazon order, I just threw one in. But I love the new phone, so Ive let it go.

Exactly why Im sticking with my 11 Pro Max, I refuse to upgrade to the 12!

And they couldnt even give us headphones!

Reasons why I stopped using an apple device. Everything is just so overpriced.

Welcome to apple. Biggest money-making scheme out there

At least chargers and bricks from older models can still be used, just wont charge as fast. I know its annoying but not all is lost :)

I KNOW!! My daughter and I just had this exact conversation. No charging brick with a brand new Apple Watch either. Its ridiculous!

The new charging brick was included with the 11

Seems like a giant scheme from apple Pretty fitting for the company

Youre right and you should say it

My dad wanted me to buy the iPhone 12, until I told him that it didnt come with the charging block thingy so he got me the 11 instead

Not providing a lot for the price of Apple phones is messed up especially whenever new ones come out older iPhone start having glitches LOL

Seriously!!! I just upgraded my sons phone for his birthday and the XR did not come with the brick for the USBC and the only USBC port in our entire house is on my husbands gaming computer tower. Awesome Apple scam

Its very environmentally friendly of them as anyone who has been buying apple products have twenty of them lying around. Im happy I didnt get one.

You`re not petty, they`re petty! I hope you find a solution that you like.

always finds new and creative ways to steal peoples money

It fits in any charging brick sweetheart!

I upgraded when they first came out and was so mad too! But you can still use your regular charger or a wireless charging pad (if you have one) the charging cord that is provided is for fast charging and I JUST gave in a bought the usbc charging brick on Amazon yesterday.

This is what apple does.

Wait Im confused, I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max that I just got, and my old iPhone charger from my iPhone X works perfectly fine with it. Am I missing something???

I felt the same exact way when we upgraded!

I just bought a new MacBook Pro and I didnt realize until after I purchased that is doesnt have ANY regular USB ports. They make great products, but good lord, they sure love scamming people.

So in my box with my Apple Watch it said that Apple is trying to be more environmentally conscious and thats why they dont provide the block. I think its kinda crappy but understand the sentiment. They feel most people have 500 of those thingies.

They should`ve provided one for you. I would go back or call for sure.

They could have added two separate ports to the brick depending on what phone you have.... but no - that would make too much sense.

And its like $20 for a new brick.. rly gross of them to do that

Absolutely! They should certainly include those when they make those changes. You can get one for about $7 on Amazon.

Agreed! They say trying to save money, and because everyone has the charging bases, Im like no they dont, if you kept it the same as before then yeah thatd make sense but you change to usbc then you should provide the new charging base and 1 cord

ALSO, everything is coming with a usb wire and no brick . Like how many of these spare bricks do companies think people have ? You have to make a choice about which product you wanna use bc you only have so many bricks .

I was feeling the same but its still lightning on the phone so I still used what I had. Plus if needed my iPad has the brick so I wasnt completely annoyed but I was originally. Lol

I`ve heard of this happening. I`m still an Android user. For what they charge, Apple should do better by its customers

Girl, I know. Its not a petty complaint. It was petty for to do that!!

More so champagne Problem than petty- but still super annoying

Agree 1000%! It makes me crazy

I legit got a new phone yesterday and Im so mad. The place I was at was out of stock too. I wish they had announced that this is the last phone gen they will be available, and THEN phased it out. I shouldnt have to order a whole new cube on Amazon.

I literally have to buy one separately...its suuuuch a scam how they dont provide one for the price of the new phone.

As someone who works at a Verizon retailer, I can`t tell you how many customers have yelled at us about it. Apple doesn`t care, they just want to save their own shipping and manufacturing costs.

Thats not petty. Thats valid. Just another way for the company to make more money

yes man. my 12 is amazing but the charger

Not a petty complaint

Yep . Annoying.

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