I keep getting press releases for the Cyrcle Phone

December 7, 2021, 10:14 am
I keep getting press releases for the Cyrcle Phone
I keep getting press releases for the Cyrcle Phone and I cant help but LOL every time. Their marketing video is literally almost an SNL skit.

Looks like a piss take of the i Carly pear phone

Everyone asking for a round Apple Watch should see this video.

I have a discman too, yeah. But it still works.

"dual headphone jacks", why?? An adapter would look much cleaner lol

Dose anyone notice that the back looks like a cheap clock`s back pannel. LoL

Wait this is a real thing?

Non-rectangular phones for non-rectangular people LOL

Why are they keeping it against their head when they talk? Youre supposed to just hold it in front of your face and shout at it, right?

My only question: Why!

this is insane

I cant sleep right now because I cant stop thinking about this phone.

Maybe, but Apple does not have the most popular smart phone or the most popular personal computing platform, so them having the most popular smart watch seems more like an anomaly than a foregone conclusion.

This is why the chip shortage is happening...

Whats next for all that investment money, a square wheel?

This cant be real. Can it?!

Dude with hat backwards so total legit Looks like a parody or a prank.

How about a cylinder phone?

One send me phon I send money

How mouch prices phone

Cyrcle Phone gotta come with one of these: I love this user who is wearing an Apple Watch... It looks like a Nest but with phone apps

The shot where they put the phone in their pocket got me.

As long as it has bluetooth, I`m good.

Reminds me of Xelebri. In 2004, I worked on a few commercials for Super Bowl for these mobile phones. They were backed by Siemens. Coolest commercials I worked on (directed by Fincher), but the phones pretty much tanked when they came out. Even the Microsoft Kin was a lot more usable You mean this isn`t one of those skits?

"the 4G LTE and the android" At the least the Runcible actually looked like it had some design work put into it. This is...morbidly fascinating

Needs a case where it becomes an egg.

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