i just switched from android to iphone apparently ios

November 24, 2021, 11:40 am
i just switched from android to iphone apparently ios
i just switched from android to iphone apparently ios doesnt have a unified "go back" gesture - sometimes you flick up, sometimes you swipe from left, sometimes you hafta hit a button at top of screen how do you people live like this!?

Youll like it if you stay with it. The greatest thing iOS ever did was get rid of the home/back button. Navigation became much more intuitivewith the YouTube app being one of the few exceptions but that app is designed for 90s internet & devices

People are just used to it. I mean thats what Apple offers isn`t it? People would rather be stuck within the Apple ethos where its nice and cozy and they can gracefully surrender to Apple`s UI decisions. They dont want complete configurability. It scares them.

We learned how to live and you can too, friend

we shouldn`t have to

i also recently did this switch and its so true. people will say swipe from the bottom to go home or swipe left to go back but its not universal. swipe from top for settings, long press bluetooth, and now neither of those gestures work. you have to tap in the grey area.

The same way you lived with Gmail.

You may have to enable this in settings, but you can swipe down on the lil handle at the bottom of the screen to pull the top-of-screen UI to where your thumb is +1 friend

that was the most difficult part of switching for me, but within a few days i didn`t even miss it ios apps are ofc developed to perform without need of a dedicated back button - i suspect you`ll catch on quickly

This is quite annoying - sometimes it makes sense, others less so.

this is bad UX generally for well-designed apps you should be able to swipe from the left swiping up from the bottom is a different mode: back to Home Screen, which makes sense once youre used to it

nobody uses iOS for the ux

its just uncivilized if i tap into analytics on an individual tweet, i cant close it without going alll the way up to hit an x in the top left of the screen this iphone screen is smaller than my last android but b/c of this, the one handed experience is way worse

sir have you heard of flick up = homescreen swipe from left = go back this is usually all you have to remember

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