I just realized that I REALLY want an iPhone

June 26, 2022, 11:15 am
I just realized that I REALLY want an iPhone
I just realized that I REALLY want an iPhone 12

Just buy it, it`s not that expensive and will still get prob 5 years updates Searching for a good deal far a 12 Pro Max for my step sis

If you are bored of One UI then go with a different brand with a different skin/feature set, that`s the beauty of Android, go look at Pixels or OnePlus. With iOS, it you get bored of it there are no other options within Apple, your stuck, with Android the options are endless.

The fact their software is still so backwards and limited, it was heavily limited years ago and nothing has changed. Same with hardware, lighting is backwards, charging speeds are backwards, data speeds are backwards. Then there is the iMessage social elite status users have.

But why would did you say iPhone 12 instead of iPhone 13? Lol

I want a ps5 sooo baaaad

Why just you realised now

Just spend the money on a better phone, pretty much anything not by apple has decent hardware.

Dont listen to him. Please.

Ironically your username says otherwise (Im such a comic)

I`m also happy with my 13 pro i recently got from my husband as a birthday gift.

One day I`ll buy 5s

iPhone 12 in black is the best Get the 13. I had to move from the 12 because of the trash battery life and overheating.

I like the mini series. It`s much more holdable imo.

meanwhile me with an SE 2nd gen be like

It`s a downgrade.

Had the phone for nearly a year and it a really great peace of tech having been in android for the longest time, the move to iOS has been amazing and refreshing.

And then youll regret for buying it?

iphone 12 is good, you still get 5 years of software support

Yes because Android is a fat more powerful OS. You have duel screens, Windows, Dex, better specs. Android can do more with windows than iPhone does with Mac OS. There isn`t one reason to buy an iPhone

Youre right, just bought one

Letvy1pro replica iPhone is out too

Not going to lie, i have been trash talking about the iphone 12 alot but after learning a bit more i so badly want it

I recently got 13 Pro. Before that I had 11 & SE first gen. I had switched from Samsung Galaxy S5 to iPhone SE. Best decision ever. I have no complaints about these phones

Is not all that sis ! Trust me galaxy has a better camera ! Coming from a person who owns a 12

Great phone! I have it for almost two years and don`t plan on replacing it before iPhone 16 It`s fast, battery runs me through the day easily, camera is excellent (as usual on iPhones) and build quality is top!

Lucky U. U might have ended up w/ snapdragon. But i just wanna say that. If you suffer from eyestrain. Or you lower your brightness most of the time and xprience eyestrain from your phone. U should avoid the <ip12 series since they all have almost same the pwm as the s10lite.

Ill stick with my 6s. My 87 Mac SE still works, so

Not that color though. It looks like the worst thing they could have chosen. It looks like plastic a toy you get from the street vendors when you visit temples and stuff.

Better check for 13, iphone 12 battery is worse

Take mine I wanna sell

I just got mine Tuesday and its alright but if u get a 13 than we can trade

Wish iphone 13 12 battery its terrible.. believe me

Or do the iPhone Pro series they always have good battery life including the iPhone 11 Pro Max .

Why not 13? It has better battery.

White looks insane..... Much better than blue.. What phone are you using now?

Happy with my 12 mini

Why would you want to downgrade?

Planning to upgrade to iPhone too. Coming from galaxy note 10

My favorite one right now

I think 12 line up sucks. They have worse pwm than the 11 series.

You mean this No you don`t, you want to get rid of your insecurity with iOS

No you don`t stop lying.

I wish to use the iPhone one day .I couldn`t afford it but one day I am sure I will use it.

S22 ultra for the win

Just wait for the Nothing phone.

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