I just did a live on Instagram taking everyone

July 14, 2021, 10:35 pm
I just did a live on Instagram taking everyone
I just did a live on Instagram taking everyone through the new FREEDOM PHONE which is now trending! So excited that I partnered with a SOLUTION against Apple and Google. Use code: CANDACE for 10% off your new phone Watch full video here:

naive, sorry, does it use a sim card and a phone number & call towers? google and 5 eyes will have access, almost as much as normal, and its even got a notch, and android, so it even lacks the basic ass security of google play, but still has google api, sorry keep trying

ERIK has agreed to give candace the personal data of everyone that uses that code. win win for both.

Can I buy and trade Cryptocurrency on the Freedom phone? Asking for a friend.

Good, now both of you bite y`all tongue and partner with and get on top of it.

You might want to check the BBB on this company

Parlor and Rumble are available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Are you promoting a phone just to get certain apps? What about security? Both Google and Apple ensures security of the apps available on their app store. How do I know PatriApp does not have malicious apps?

Where your phones made?

Yall are all in on this grift, arent ya? Use coupon code Candace or Chuck or Poso! Was there a conference call? Did you all synchronize your watches on this? It`s not trending. Get off some other time.

Tweeted from her iPhone

Why is it made in China lmao She loves it so much, she tweets from her iPhone. I bow down to the Lioness Grifting Queen!

..........dummy..........."Twitter for iPhone". People can see you`re using the Iphone. They`ll know you`re a fraud when you continue to use the Iphone in the future. Just like you continue to use Twitter, FB etc.

She tries to do a female version of Ben Shapiro and fails embarrassingly badly. Probably because shes trying to fake a fake. Cant believe people who think themselves intelligent trust in a woman who attacks and is detested by her own. No one takes notice of the giant red flag.

If big brother wants to know something, big brother gonna know. Theres now no circumventing big intelligence. Luckily, most of us neednt concern ourselves with such matters on a personal level.

What I thought about when I saw this: If these phones are made in China they probably have a back door built-in... Love where it`s going though.


Listen to the Master (As you tweet from your iPhone)

Some more $$$$$ for Candace. Think shes not getting paid to get you to buy a crappy phone? Shes been taking you for a ride for so long that shes be McIntyre complacent. Thinks you are all mugs for fanning her and making her rich. Shes probably right. Enjoy your new phones lol

WOW! You sure got them shaking in their boots! A live Instagram (Facebook) using a cheep phone with an Android (Google) OS that you`re promoting on Twitter!! Would that be a triple self-own? griftersgottagrift

Pedophiles Everywhere: Thanks Candace!

I hope this company ends up data mining you hard and uses it against you!

Very unwise to be selling this device without any publicly available information on the `FreedomOS` and device manufacturing and parts information. Disappointing.

Run for office... Please.

The problem isnt just the phone itself its the apps being used like Facebook Instagram Twitter etc. They all collect personal data and sell or supply it to companies and government. agencies for sales or nefarious purposes i.e. spying on American citizens

As an Europen, i see that as 100% ridiculous propaganda... this Phone is based on a modified ANDROID systme and is built in China of course. Poor Candace... so sad you lose your mind. Did you sue yet? The ONLY phone I know of that has zero spy-ware in it is "Librem-5". A GNU-Linux phone. Android-Linux like the Freedom-Phone is going to still have Google APIs. No one owns GNU-Linux but Google owns Android stack besides its GPL base. You are on fire with the laughs today BIG O!!

You tweeted this from iPhone. People, Candace is a scammer and a grifter.

**when things get bad here, they are going to fake a cyber pandemic so we cannot communicate with each other or the outside world. This isnt a prediction, its a plan.** This phone gonna save U from communism **theyre**

Sorry didnt hear a word , you are a beautiful woman

Slow down, girl. You talk a mile a minute and slur through words. Have you been hanging out with Don Jr lately?

Is this another scam like BLEXIT?

Idiotware..spyware..let`s count the ways.

OMG the grift is so obvious and strong her. Jedi grifter.

Comes pre-installed with Candacess Bullshit Generator app, when any random thought or conspiracy becomes truth!

Were not complain people... This dingleberry uses her iPhone to announce this. you cant fix stupid.

It`s using the browser made by just loaded up on some $bat

I want one were do I get it??

IT will not take the code

So you did a live on a phone that WONT track you, using a wireless provider & social media platform that DOES track you? Sooo, hows that workin for ya Candace? Thought Biden was going after Sim cards ... ?

..."Twitter for iPhone"...

Hey Candice loving the energy and the mission, but being in ISM most of my life i have a few questions (to help chase the trolls) 1) Where is this phone made? 2) Would this phone allow other apps such as insta/fb etc, 3) I can see its a android looking skin, is it supported by

Keep Smokin that pipe one of the most secure options is flashing to a pixel. Mind you, you have to know some command line, but there are good tutorials out there... Is this freedom phone running open source software..?

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