I have no idea how TVs work anymore

April 25, 2022, 6:05 pm
I have no idea how TVs work anymore
I have no idea how TVs work anymore. Do they have a computer inside? Talk to an outside box that runs streaming apps? Run off regular laptops like big monitors? Im staring at the consumer options like some undiscovered Amazon tribesman would stare at an iPhone.

Smart TV is amazing. Im generally an Apple guy but suggest one that runs Android for easiest app downloads. All the streaming services from Netflix to Amazon to MLBTV to NFL Sunday ticket all have apps. Plus Android store sells / rents movies (as does Amazon app etc).

Just get a projector

Android with big display

Literally Android phones with 60" displays. That`s a modern TV.

The user data collection / advertising attempts built into the OS feels like an industry that doesnt understand the tech but feels like it should be making money from it

you have to use them in the tub actually. doesnt make alot of sense but bro its 2022 this is where tech is at

The best "smart TV" is still a laptop connected to the HDMI port of the TV. Buy the best OLED panel, ignore the "smartness" - they all suck

Dont hook the TV to the internet, use a roku, Apple TV etc. only hook it to internet for updates then unhook

You want one that runs on Android TV

I bought the top recommended one on Wirecutter and its been great

Theyre better than cable? I think?

Would be great if they just had low-cost, high-quality displays with good speakers. Instead, they have a Netflix/ streaming chip you don`t use that breaks down in 2 years and shuts down the whole TV while it`s plugged into an Apple TV that works fine. Just make sure you have interpolation turned off.

Most of them unfortunately are smart and have roku, android tv, or other OS built inand they suck for the most part. You can still attach external boxes via hdmi. TCL w Roku is a decent pick. Put it on a rolling stand and youre dialed.

Theyre basically iPads with only streaming options and really, really, really shitty keyboards. Literally the only thing I use voice commands for

Samsung Frame and Apple TV.

They can take my 50 inch plasma from my cold, dead hands.

TBH, I dont think Ive ever owned a TV, at least not since junior high and the CRT era.

Anti-Miami gf is explaining all this to me now.

I`d pay extra to get a dumb-display version of my TV.

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