I have 500 $ADA to spend on a Cardano

December 6, 2021, 9:17 pm
I have 500 $ADA to spend on a Cardano
I have 500 $ADA to spend on a Cardano NFT project, what should I buy?

Put it in $BEAG, and then take the rest of your life savings and put that in $BEAG too notfinancialadvice

Do you like Carnival? Frevo Dancer Save it for More $Hosky and More Hosky cNFTs All Day! Yooo! Check my NFT on marketplace! Only 1 supply Rest of the collection is avaliable on save it for tomorrow`s drop of There is only 1 Option! FAM! If you like cute dinos, saviors and a nft with utility go look at marketplace coming, breeding and game... lot of things to look forward too HOSKY !!!!!!!!! Boss cat rocket club

11 DECEMBER 21:00 UTC - only 241 radiohead pieces available It is enough for a collector AMV from Im not for sale yet hunny but Ill keep you in mind when the Baller Bots Drop Get $CHEDDA for Now "LionLegends" and "Hosky cash grab" are my favorites, goat tribe is also good.

On genesis animated OnChain Spaceships

I will sell you 1 Hosky

None. Keep the ADA. Use them for yield farming/DeFi in the coming months. There are risk free options. NFTs are much more risky.

Check out my mom`s art Bumpin uglies man, the game launches this week hopefully Buy some this project has got some serious stuff going on and their projection is unreal, wait till this time next year and this project will stand out and the following words "why didn`t I get in sooner" will be cortarised into your brain lol

A 10 pack of hosky for 69 ada.

Definitely and Grab an interactive 3D dino over at You can always splurge on some hosky and S*it coins is the way to go!

you should keep it and do nothing. its not a good time to buy any nft

Girl you need to check very exciting innovating Music in web3 and of course hoskytoken NFTs , the cutest A better profile pic.

join our discord here Looks tasty

You can buy my pfp

has things and maybe it`s a cat?

Save up and prepare for in January! Get some Hosky CNFT What about ? which is the first African NFT project to support them. Afrixx WadaFoundation is a amazingly cool looking NFT Japanese anime project. Collab with on their public launch AI Generated Neon Art? Buy what you love not what artists beg you to buy. Its still art girl! Not grocery shopping.

It`s a no-brainer! is one of the best projects and they`ve just announced they will create a video game. Stone Age Hooligans FTW. New team, new roadmap, passive incomes, breeding, gamification and more! Just look me in the eyes and say clay.. clay.. clay nation! Check out !! Cant go wrong with the Horde! PRED I mean DYOR. Just kidding . Buy clay nation and each of their collaborations. Check out cardanocity

That`s easy, have your vegetables, it`s good for you. You are more than welcome to our discord as well. Dead Rabbits are coming. no question at all! LFGOAT

Mint if you havent yet! Lots of future airdrops/utility

We have been building a cnft project with utility

Only the worst NFT project on ADA right now! It`s absolute

Check out dropping on Dec.8th! Whitelist is still open for a little bit longer. Thank me later

Either of these 3. They r my current favorites. / / I recommend you keep an eye on it Get some MFing !!! minting soon

check It

How about ? This is an NFT on Ethereum that has several airdrops planned on Cardano and has an option to grab the Eth NFT using ADA.

Check out Beautiful and mesmerizing CNFTs. Still plenty cheap for now. Definitely an Bumping Uglies! is the obvious choice, 50 ADA for a mint and get your chance at samurai IF I WERE YOU I WOULD WAIT FOR THE PFP MINT! Take a look at Two days till our drop. Each NFT will be 20 ADA, and 17 a piece if three or more are bought. If you like sciences, please take a minute to look qt our project! We directly support research and education! We also have airdrops for our holders

Came here to tell you about goats but everyone beat me to it. LFGoat for sure

they are still minting Wait for the Prepare for

for sure Space Ape Club has a drop comin, u need to buy a Halloween ape of banana from cnft to be eligible for drop!!:)

Not saying the name. Its in the other comments is a good one to look into

I know a Tribe where you`d be welcome GOATtribe LFGoat Baaaahhhhhh I know you already own some goats but trust me your going to want more ;).

DM me I`ll hook you up with some rare ones for a really good deal and we can work on trade for something else too

Its a goat question and you have to choose goatly. If youd ask the goat father himself the answer would be clear. Take an There are a lot of goat ones Baaaaahh GOATtribe

baby, but I don`t know if you have enough money cause only on the seccondary market...(CNFTio) Its metaverse... Bye

Go with the Goats. LFGoat GOATtribe Get a Handle. If you do, you can use it in the testnet. The most useful CNFT to date. See below. Gotta get Goats and join the most active cnft community around. GOATtribe

is just launching! 100% of the funds go back to the animals

Jump onboard my new project Do you like hands ? Save it for and Hands down. They mint today!

You need a We are small but cuddly. Only 18 $ADA for your own bear and at the mo she has BIG ambitions! Mint a Golden Paw and get rewarded at the end of the year!

December 12th, 6pm UTC

Buy me, I`m for sale

Easy, GOATs Jump into Cant spend your ADA on these right now. But will be starting their treasure hunt in their virtual world soon. Keep an eye on it Quack take a , i have 2 projects and This one is also verrrryy sweet Our project of course :)
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