I hate to sound impatient, but I am a

September 21, 2021, 9:05 am
I hate to sound impatient, but I am a
I hate to sound impatient, but I am a little disappointed in for slacking on the SafeMoonWallet app approval process... Your website touts 90% in 48 hours and this is just an MVP product... Please, Apple, let us have our SafeMoon wallet... Sincerely, SafeMoonCommunity

Come on man it was submitted on Saturday I`m sure it will be today!

It`s because Apple is a slow rug pull, they had us all fooled

Apple has a strict policy... Consistency across the app is important, who knows we might get rejection too. So brace yourself

Spidey i know you`ll be fine with it but if it delays another few days i can see some guys just over reacting probably best not to say anything in the future lol i want SAFEMOONCASHBACK cashback on day to day shopping. With referral system. Vol+burn

Statistics are nice on paper. Not that great when they don`t apply for the app we actually need them.

I`m sorry to say, but there is a big chance Apple reacted within 24 hours. But with feedback/issues. So there is a chance it is back on the plate of Safemoon team. So they might have to resubmit it or they might already have already resubmitted once more.

I was thinking 3 to 5 days!

I found this in the apple store. Its a scam safemoonwallet So you`re studying medicine as well? I`m preparing for step 1.

Might be the iOS 15 release?

And they can approve a scam safemoon app

That may be true, but weekends are still likely excluded from this KPI. If not excluded, it likely is the outlying variable pulling the average time up (with weekdays being faster than weekends)

Would love if tweet when safemoonwallet is live

Safemoon wallet was pulled once so Apple is gonna triple check it this time

The AMA was on Saturday not Sunday? Damn I gotta lay off the pot lol either way sure it`ll be this week

Didn`t tweet that iOS wallet was submitted for review on Sunday? I`d think that means we could expect to see tomorrow at the earliest, most likely Wednesday or Thursday. AllGoodThingsInAllGoodTime

Yeah, I really thought we would get it today with the release of iOS 15. Idk what could be holding it up. They removed NFT tab specifically. They can get that fake on there but not us. Dumb.

Man lol if yall dont chill and just wait it out

Anyway, let`s just wait for Apple`s approval. I am rooting for you iOS guys, your time will come! LFG!!!

If thats the case, we`re gonna go to the moon either this evening or tomorrow

Maybe with the new Apple iOS update, They were getting swamped with new app reviews, trying to get their app in before the iOS update.

Maybe after testing our wallet, s/he become a Safemoon hodler :)

Apple has a thing against NFT , like John sais , look like the team will need to find a solution if we want to add this feature on the future

Were in the 10% that takes a week

I wonder if the hold up is because of the scam wallet

We still hv time until tomorrow then. Btw, actually hearing nothing for this long actually is a good sign. Because if it get rejected, usually itunesconnect will notify dev team in just the matter of minute. So, finger crossed

In their defense its actually up to the developer to say when the release of the app is onces its approved its back on the developer

Maybe business days only?

It must be the COVID!!!

1 to 3 days for approval and 1 day to appear on App Store tomorrow p.m it will be for sure

Me too, Im going to sell my iPhone now!!

They only count workdays. Not weekend.

As far as I know, its business day. Safemoon submitted it on weekend. If until Wed we hear nothing, most likely it bounces back to the developer for revision.

Maybe the apple pay integration is what`s taking long?? I dunno just a guess

Same feelings over here my man! I guess our safemoon wallet just isnt your average app. ;)

50% in 24hrs and 90% in 48hrs = 140%????

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