I feel like if I can finally crack my

June 11, 2021, 11:44 am
I feel like if I can finally crack my
I feel like if I can finally crack my way into the FromSoft games, they`re going to become my favourite.

I cant wait to see what things youll make after you experience Miyazakis works

Don`t listen to this guy and make sure to play Ringed City DLC! Bloodborne has a more forgiving learning curve to start out!! You get 20 chances to heal instead of only one per spawn like in Dark Souls lol. DS gives you Estus whereas Bloodborne forces you to find vials but still

Please dont start with 3. The others will not be as enjoyable.

Start with Bloodborne, I`d say it`s right up your alley

Bloodborne. Bloodborne. Also possibly Bloodborne.

Never got into the souls franchise, but i played Echo Nights alot

I really want to play the Dark Souls series! I think you`d really enjoy Bloodborne, it`s the only souls type game I`ve played and I like it a lot, but I suck at these types of games, I`m stuck on the Blood starved beast

I definitely recommend Bloodborne. Given your general style I think youd love it.

Please do. I would absolutely love to see renditions of the FromSoftware games. I love your work already and man some of the creature designs are really up your alley.

Have you tried playing Bloodborne? I think a lot of enemies there would be up your alley (like the Winter Lanterns)

I think 3 is a great one to start with. The most modern controls wise, and the level design is easy to progress through. That being said 2 is also easily navigated. Though its a little bit older, the difficulty overall makes it really easy to get into. It`s what got ME hooked.

Everybody`s sleeping on Armored Core, Chromehounds, Evergrace, and Forever Kingdom.

Yesss!! Listen if they`re too difficult then no issues just summoning or using mods to make it easier. The best things about the games has always been the story, atmosphere and lore! Game mechanics too ofc!

I would say start with sekiro or bloodborne if you havent played any fromsoft! Their movement systems are the nicest, and then ds3 and then 1 cause 1 is rough to start with.. imo, tho Im sure people will disagree with me

Start with bloodborne if u can

1 is probably the best starting place. Id love to say start with Bloodborne but the timing will throw you off if you beat it and go straight into 1 or 2. But if you do start just have a great time cause they rule!

This is probably not popular, but I love Kuon so much. The creature designs are interesting (Lady Fujiwara is deliciously terrifying), and the story is relatively compelling.

My first was Bloodborne and it got me hooked bad on the whole franchise. Hope you can find an approach that works for you!

2 is the best one actually, but you should start with 1 and work forward.

Never been able to connect with a Souls game yet but oh my, Bloodborne.. My favourite game of that console generation by a blood soaked country mile.

I played them 1 > 3 > 2 and I found 2 to be the best! It`s definitely my favorite, it`s a polished DS1 lol

3 is a good one to play first. Really helps to have someone to help give tips and point you in the right direction I think. More fun than looking it up or just not knowing what`s going on

Definitely start with the original Dark Souls it sets the mood design aspects of the whole series. Demon Souls is good too but I feel that Dark Souls is such an improvement. Then play DS2/3 or skip to Bloodborne.

No they are all great. Three is a great place to start. But two has a ton of fun environments and Npcs. Like GAVLAN

That was 100% my experience

2 and 3 are both fire they just have their own positives and negatives, ds1 and bloodborne are my favs though :-)

If Bloodborne hasn`t yet become your spirit game, it soon will

2 is a great RPG, it`s just not a great Dark Souls game.

Bloodborne is really fun! I tried it years ago and got really frustrated and quit, but after watching a playthrough recently on YT I decided to try again and it`s completely worth it! Such cool storytelling mechanics and monsters

Play bloodborne first, it does the best teaching you how to play

Play the Dark souls games in the order they were released in. They`re all good, but you`ll be able to appreciate 2 and 3 more if you`ve played the original first.

You can always play one it pc and use cheat engine to throw yourself some items to ease yourself into it if you are having a frustrating time.

Oh man honestly i know youd LOVE them, theyre all so unique and the creature designs are out of this world. Bloodborne definitely has some of the most unique world building ive ever seen, its such an immersive game and the horror mixed in with the story has to be my fav...

If you got a PS5 Demon Souls is the best place to start. It oozes Berserk influence.

I feel like Sekiro is the easiest way in. Then probably Bloodborne.

I thought you played Bloodborne already? If you enjoyed that game, you`ll love the Dark Souls games too

Bloodborne was my entry point when I became obsessed, but Sekiro was absolutely flawless. If you like the RPG elements more, I`d say Bloodborne. Action/timing elements, I`d go Sekiro. Both are beautiful games.

You would adore Sekiro for sure!

I`d recommend starting with 1 and then moving on to whatever you want from there, there`s not much continuity between the games, but Bloodborne should definitely be high up that list as I think that is much more up your alley

Horror wise the best two are the Sony owned ones unfortunately. All of them have an oppressive atmosphere but Demon`s Souls has some areas that are downright unsettling and Bloodborne is like that the entire game. Hope DS3 clicks though. The entire genre is great if it hooks you

In all honest souls is a series that like just ... clicks at some point, and it is amazing. If you want to make sure to really get into it, what helped me was googling certain problems i was having getting through the games, and there`s almost always an easy solution

I was also once Bad... but it can be done. I`ve beaten several of them! The wins feel real good.

yesss!! excited for you! hope you enjoy it

I wanted to like Bloodborne so bad but that style of gameplay is just not for me.

saw your earlier tweet and darksouls 3 is a great way to do it. control wise its the best out of all the games and is a great lead into their style. 1 remastered is good too but still not as smooth as 3.

tee hee! I`m going to be making a new character today...

I honestly don`t thing the Dark Souls games are very approachable at all, I can`t get into them. too sluggish and slow paced. awesome art design though. I think Bloodborne and Sekiro are definitely the strongest. Hoping Elden Ring feels a lot more like those.

honestly same, IT DEFF wudve been bloodborne for me cause it looks really up my alley, but I only got a PC and this game is lookin sick

Recent FromSoft games are all about atmosphere and creature design, you`d love them. They`re not as hard as they`re made out to be - the games are actually very supportive of failure and learning, behind the scary veneer. If you`re ever stuck in an un-fun way, Co-Op will fix it

You`re gonna love Blood Borne

If you ask a hardcore ds2 fan ds3 is the weakest and vise versa. They`re both good tho

seriously some of my favorite games after the (very) steep learning curve

Jedi Fallen Order was my gateway drug, you should see if you like that. I went straight from that on normal difficulty to Bloodborne and it wasn`t too big a leap.

There`s a feeling of "getting it" some folks experience when playing. When you finally get to a point where it clicks, and you understand what the game wants of you. Took me getting brutally murdered by a mutant horse with a sword to "get it" but I did get it in the end

Bloodborne is like a game made just for you

2 had an extremely messy development and itmanages to have a different feel than the rest of the series and that difference makes it so there`s a niche that likes it the most. It helps that it was fixed a bit and the dlc is some of the best stuff the series has

Would gladly provide a co-op assist if needed/wanted.

highly recommend having an excited but not pushy friend to co-op the whole game with you...playing with emily is the only reason i can play at all lol

Their games do alleviate a bit if that Berserk aesthetic itch.

Don`t be afraid to call in co-op help or use a walk through! Using the tools you have until you build confidence to explore on your own is a real treat

3 is a bad one to start on. It`s the weakest and has a ton of callbacks.

I recommend starting from the Demon`s Souls remake- the souls games have been made progressively harder at every iteration, so DS3 is probably a very difficult game to start from. I was shocked at how difficult they made even the tutorial boss in that.

They are very much my favorites. Favorites of all time. Many try but no one makes a game quite like From Software.

Generally most FromSoftware games feel janky and pointless and boring until they "click" - even the old King`s Field and Armored Core games, once your brain adapts you get addicted.

You`re gonna love `em, trust me.

trevor, please play bloodborne first

Bloodborne should be my favorite game of all time but i am too bad at it to even get past the first area

they`re amazing!!!

If you play Dark Souls II, I recommend the Scholars edition.

Oh absolutely, the difficulty only makes it all the more satisfying when you finally triumph.

Yo Bloodborne is my favorite of all the FromSoft games It`s so good I`d love to hear your thoughts about them!

They`re a fun time and the enemy/Boss designs are fantastic.

i think you will like bloodborne :P

oh damn, you are in for a treat

I still hope Bloodborne gets a PC port, you would love that game :(

It took until Bloodborne for me to really "get" it, but now I`m glad I did.

never got into bloodborne?!

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