I feel like an idiot for having to comprehend

June 23, 2021, 7:48 pm
I feel like an idiot for having to comprehend
I feel like an idiot for having to comprehend why tech people like Apple products (especially ones that run iOS) when all they do to me is make me feel limited.

i used to have iphone 6 when i jailbreak on it i have more unlimited so won`t deal with limted things...

I agree, for me iOS is nice to play around with but just feels too limited for my liking as a daily driver.

Yep that`s why I love Android personally is things in practice just seem easier on Android. On iOS you could technically download the ISO and put it on your computer but it requires a bunch of confusing hoops you have to jump through. I get frustrated easily so it doesn`t help

I agree. I generally enjoy using Apple products at first but it just becomes boring once I realize I lose half the apps and features I use a lot. Like when I was in Branson it was nice downloading the Windows 11 ISO on my phone then transfer it onto my computer when I got home.

No it is just as bad

Huh interesting, what issues have you had?

Wha-? Okay

I think it comes down to the fact everyone is different, If iOS is you too restrictive for you, then dont get an iPhone. Some people (myself included) dont find iOSs limitations to be too restricting to the point wheres its unusable.

Tho iCloud is absolutely fucked and doesn`t work at all intuitively to change mails on for example or transfer over to another.... It`s a mess

Yeah exactly

Huh I`ve almost always had more luck than androids especially in apps

Because it always works for me, it`s simple and great. It`s smooth and intuitive too, personally I love it but I do like switching things up here and there between the years

Youre on a version older than Snow Leopard?

Apple Support exists online

1. LOOOOOOONG software support 2. A+ customer support 3. Generally awesome build quality 4. The seamless integration in the ecosystem 5. Higher quality apps (in my opinion) 6. iMessage 7. Apple Silicon is pretty much unmatched 8. Better efficiency 9. Privacy

Ikr, Im so much better.

Same here. But I still try to be more and more neutral

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