I don`t give a damn about what type of

June 11, 2021, 7:30 am
I don`t give a damn about what type of
I don`t give a damn about what type of phone you have, but God damn people with iPhones tend to be extremely obnoxious and start poor shaming you if you have an Android It`s one of the things that do not fail to make me really angry

You sound like youve experienced a lot of people who care about the brand

Yeah, what`s more Android users not only direct their "I`m better than you" towards iPhone users but towards each other as well.

As long as the phone functions who cares what the brand is am I right?

Trade you. From my experience it has been the /Android/ users high off their own farts. And I say this as an android user.

People who claim superiority over something as stupid as phones usually don`t have much else going on for them (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). Apple gets away with higher prices because it`s a `luxury brand`. Android is as good functionally, why pay extra ya know?

the iPhone superiority is so weird, but its mostly young people who do it from what I have seen

Honestly I`d say that my Android`s pretty decent. iPhones are expensive and are very strict about their apps. Regardless, whatever phone people own is good enough, I suppose

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