I`d slay for a subway sub rn

September 15, 2021, 8:21 am
I`d slay for a subway sub rn
I`d slay for a subway sub rn... ngl... One of my homie`s bdays today! Out watchin them play Magic and being a supportive individual who knows nothing abt Magic U can`t make me

Its best played in person but also theres a way to play the whole thing in a browser too

...awesome. You deserve the Subway Head Empty Mom.

my brain can`t even fit 10 of those cards in there

Cute supportive cat girl who watches you play card games without knowing anything thats going on. No Thoughts,head Doopypaws.

what kinda subway u getting tho

Android: Netrunner is a sick card game where one player is a corporation building servers to secure sensitive information and the other is a hacker trying to break in & steal stuff. Theres a ton of bluffing and misdirection and mindgames and its my favorite card game

You are a subway sub.

knowing Magic sucks because I only know enough to be like "hey I know how that works" and then someone else is like "oh yeah, anyway I play this card from like 70 years ago that EVERYONE knows because it`s SO popular, how do you not know about it? buffoon"

Let me teach u netrunner instead so you can be a card game snob

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