I asked HSBC why its banking apps always crash

June 23, 2022, 3:59 am
I asked HSBC why its banking apps always crash
I asked HSBC why its banking apps always crash on iOS betas (theyre crashing again on iOS 16) and the company claims it doesnt force its apps to crash on iOS betas. Many other banks have corrected this issue so iOS betas always work

This is ridiculous Tom. Don`t run beta software on your daily driver and then basically threaten to run a bad story because an app you need doesn`t run correctly on pre release software

I was hoping beta 2 would be enough to get it working again - I owe my window cleaner and I don`t think he believes my HSBC app crashing excuse cash it is then!

Thank you! My First Direct app crashing every Beta is why Im not testing ios16 this time around!

HSBC, the iOS app that has a *button* you have to press every time to use FaceID because why would you want to save time?

Does the same Now people expect things to work on beta software... Geeesh.

HSBC app is one of the worst of all the major UK banks at the best of times. Horrendous app

Maybe, if their `extensive internal testing` did force the app to crash during iOS 16 Beta; HSBC would know the limits of their app & fix bugs accordingly...

Using the HSBC app on non-beta iOS kinda gives you the answer - theyre just not good at making apps.

it doesn`t even start.

Does your phone crash at all? I`ve noticed mine crashing sometimes with the IOS 16 beta installed

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