I am lifelong Samsung phone user

December 23, 2021, 1:13 am
I am lifelong Samsung phone user
I am lifelong Samsung phone user...have owned many phones since the original Samsung Galaxy phone. Currently using a S10+...bought it the day it came out. Wife got an iPhone 13 Pro...takes such nice pictures I just may buy the next new Apple flagship.

I went from s10e to the 13 pro. I love it

Don`t do [email protected]`s a cult...wait a minute, doh!

Thats why I bailed on Samsung. Replaced too many cracked screens and broken charge ports.

Get the 14 Pro Max next year if you can wait otherwise get the 13 Pro Max. I was a life long BB user until a year ago

I have owned both Apple and Samsung. Apple phones have more panel gaps, if you are into that sort of thing. Not judging.

Join pixel gang

Both are excellent, honestly.

Interesting take. My wife is iPhone pro max and I`m on an S21 ultra. She`s always jealous of my Samsung camera.... You`re comparing many generations apart.

Samsung and OnePlus make some nice Android. S10+ is aging

Tesla PI, or I am not leaving Samsung. On the Z Fold3 now, and loving it.

Waiting for the 14 mentioned the other week.

Come over to the iPhone gang bro. That way you won`t miss my Callin episodes

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