I am donating 2 #Devikins #NFTs to @IoPayat who

April 26, 2022, 7:53 am
I am donating 2 #Devikins #NFTs to @IoPayat who
I am donating 2 Devikins NFTs to who helps people navigate and understand how to play I value what you do for DVK. I am donating: 1 Miner: 75k $DVK ($375 floor price) 1 Lavish: 480k DVK ($2400 floor price) Klever klv kfi blockchain

Great man

I didn`t know what the floor price was, for the Miner Devkins $KLV $DVK $KFI Congrats so cool


pahalipay pagiveaway k n s youtube mo

That`s why you are THE MAN..

Omg..this looks


That`s great

That`s great

congratulations brother great gifts


Whoa this is amazing . Missed these tweets for a long time

Always ignore needy , unfollow u.

You`re so amazing . Thanks for keep spreading love in all Klever related program!

Whoa! So awesome!!!

Thats very nice of you brother Sam Definitely Bisaya deserve this and more in my humble opinion thank you

Well deserved Brother congrats!

WHUUUUUUUT. My hands are shaking! Repeatedly reading this post and I still can`t believe this. , you are a blessing. Thank youuuu!

Very cool! Enjoying the game too!

Download the full game on Android here: And on iOS: DVK $DVK Devikins

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