Huawei passes Apple to be No. 2 smartphone vendor for now

September 6, 2017, 10:51 am

   With Aug. sales looking strong for the Chinese vendor, a hat-trick for Huawei, which is now at second spot behind South Korean giant Samsung, could be on the cards, told Counterpoint Research`s `Market Pulse for Jul. 2017` on Tuesday.
   As Apple( prepares to launch its next flagship device - may be
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
8 - on Sep. 12, Chinese smart-phone maker Huawei( has surpassed
AppleTechnology company
for the first time in global smartphone sales consistently for Jun. and Jul..
Huawei passes Apple to be No. 2 smartphone vendor for now
   "This is a significant milestone for Huawei.The global scale
HuaweiTechnology company
has been able to achieve may be attributed to its consistent investment in R&D and manufacturing, coupled with aggressive marketing and sales channel expansion," Counterpoint`s Research Director Peter Richardson said in a statement.
Alternate Title: Huawei Beats Apple in Global Smartphone Sales, Now #2

   While this streak could be temporary, considering the annual iPhone refresh is just about the corner, it nevertheless underscores the rate at which
HuaweiTechnology company
has been growing.
   "Be that as it may, a weak presence in the South Asian, Indian and North American markets limits Huawei`s potential in the near-to mid-term to take a sustainable second place position behind Samsung," Richardson added.
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   Huawei`s New Kirin 970 Chip Bets Big on AI, Will Debut Inside Mate 10 on Oct. 16
   According to Tarun Pathak, Counterpoint`s Associate Director, the growth of Chinese brands is an important trend which no player in the mobile ecosystem can ignore.
  Huawei Beats Apple in Global Smartphone Sales, Now #2

   "Chinese brands are growing swiftly thanks not only to smartphone design, manufacturing capability and rich
featureSpecial attraction
sets, but also by out-smarting and out-spending rivals in sales channels, go-to-market and marketing promotion strategies," Pathak said.
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   Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi have successfully gained access to key supply chain partners, which has allowed them to launch designs with bezel-free, full displays, augmented reality, in-house chipsets and advanced camera features.
   "Chinese vendors have become as equally important as Samsung( or
AppleTechnology company
to the global supply chain, application developers and distribution channels, as they continue to grow in scale more rapidly than the incumbent market share leaders," Pathak noted.
   Apple continues to drive its flagship momentum with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.
   Oppo has been one of the fastest growing brands globally thanks to the popularity of models including the flagship Oppo R11 and the mid-tier Oppo A57.
   These were followed by Samsung`s flagship Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X and
SamsungTechnology company
Galaxy S8+.
32GB 32 GigaByte
refresh of the venerable iPhone 6 enabled it to regain momentum during the month, with popularity astride prepaid markets to edge out Samsung`s Galaxy J7.
   "While Huawei has trimmed its portfolio, it likely needs to further streamline its product range like Oppo and Xiaomi - putting more muscle behind fewer products.," said Senior Analyst Pavel Naiya.
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