Huawei is slowly replacing iPhone

August 8, 2021, 3:56 am
Huawei is slowly replacing iPhone
Huawei is slowly replacing iPhone.


Huawei works perfectly fine for me, except that am nervous about upgrading to versions that don`t have Google and lose my Gmail account/ accces on my phone or carry two phones, which I hate..weighting my options now.

I love Huawei phones... Been using Huawei phones for the last 8 years and i must say they keep getting better!

Without Android that`s impossible.

To each his own

I am using an iPhone and I agree. The reason I might not change is just because of the word iPhone this thing has brainwashed us

Tecno Camon 17 Pro better than any Huawei latest model at the moment...!

The only okay among the hwawei grp is the honor brand, and its not even at the level of +1 plus phones . I doubt you even know these . Huawei is abt cheap mass production . And I am talking from experience of using them all , not mere obsession .

They already did replace iPhone If Google or android did not ban them due t that political issue US had with China.

So you have so much time and energy to worry about a product you dont fancy ? Obsession is a form of neurosis you know ? A BMW doesnt become a Toyota no matter how cheap or old it is .

The future is China

IPhone users will consistently get offended by this chat without a fail. Out of concern, are you guys aware that Apple, for 14 years straight has been dependent on China for their productions and that it`s only very recently that they`ve expanded to 3 more other countries?

Huawei is slowly replacing iPhone in South Africa.

Or maybe it goes to show Mr Fun-fact that iOS doesnt start performing when you use the top end models, its excellent right from the low end

Huawei isn`t number one in China anymore, by the by...

For your mind

But Huawei is a copy of Iphone muc

I tried huawei and ndi grand will never buy it again for myself. Iphone was never for me currently using S21+ and I am happy

You have been drinking mampoer!

I actually want the latest p50 nton nton

iPhones are built to last, I can`t say the same about Huawei

Can they get the platform for the American market though

Was a Huawei user and loved it until that Google announcement. Switched to Apple. But wont lie, I miss huawei

Slowly is the keyword

In your small little world They are spies for the Chinese government. They load each phone with spyware

Phone manufacture that is likely to replace Apple phones is not yet established.... their products are not just about numbers and being fast and changing things quickly..... thet design for a far greater purpose and you can feel it in the quality of their phones

All the way bbe has certainly made a strong attempt to convince me to cross over to another maker with their abandonment of privacy protection.

Samsung users reading comments like: They were coming along nicely until that google fallout, downloading apps is a fvckin mission I`m patiently wait for Harmony OS to be perfected and launched on their phones iPhone won`t gain much traction especially with so many replacement products for Google products, it`s going to be a breeze So far using a Huawei has been fast and effective with most apps optimised

With way better technology at a reasonable price

Each time I read a tweet and realise its dumb its from Android! How is Hauwei?

I dont know a single person that has a Huawei. Chinese propaganda

Well huawei is a great phone nd even before it had Google play I ddnt like Google play still I prefer downloading my apks directly from their creators web or apkpure less data charges nd dis constant draining of batteries due to Google play services and all that crappy bloatwear

Iphone will always be special, a brand was created with passion. No brand can replace IPHONE in my view. A very unique and speacial innovation.

O nahana gore Hyundai N30i can replace gti ? And by GTi mean iPhone SE Never unganya tsek iPhone is a lifestyle

Huawei is a whole lot of crap.. any Iphone is like Merc... it will go forever. These chinese they are after moneh and they produce these cheap and lower quality phones.. i once used a huawei P30 and i regret it even now

Hello everyone Please Follow me I`ll follow you back immediately The switch to Huawei is most definitely happening. But as a avid apple user I don`t see myself making the switch. The deal breaker for me is the eco system, Apple`s eco system runs deep, yes Huawei has one too but Apple serves me best.

Xiaomi is the PLUG!!! Thank me later... Therefore?????

Never in a million years.

I`ve come to a realisation that Pretorians and us android users are problematic. Pretorians forever claiming they love Pretoria but continue talking about Joburg and us Android users claiming we like android but like talking about iPhone. Abantu abandaba

but we need to be honest about the camera quality of huawei p40

How much are these phones you talking about?

Not my Huawei mate having Google services What iOS version is he running on that phone ?cause like thats what matters

I swear Android users sound like people from that other province. They always feel the need to compare iPhone to their Andriod lapho iPhone users dont even think about them.

They are copying; iPhone is another Brand , it has something unexplainable ; Huawei will never replace it!!!

2 different phones and different needs

IPhone sekusele igama nje they are not attractive too.

I prefer Samsung over Huawei as an ex Huawei user

Naa people will always be loyal to their fav brands even if they produce crap

U being funny of something? Cus this is laughable

Its not an argument, its a fact.

Trying to boost your fading Confidence? Screenshot your Phone model lets see

Meanwhile Its users cant even pronounce it.

Says someone with Twitter for Andriod

They won`t listen when we tell them iPhone died along with Steve Jobs, since iPhone 7 people have been paying Alot of money for a basic phone. And it`s not exclusive anymore. So south africans are sold air and they`re eating it up pretending Moya o bose.

Actually this is true

Huawei p50 pro is one of the ugliest ever

Rest!!! But the phones are starting to be expensive for South African black youth

Youll never see iPhone users comparing their brand to others, its always Android users making noise!!

It also replacing 4 burner stove Not in Nigeria

In what aspect pls

You mean P50 hotplate ^2 or something else
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