How`s iPhone 13 pro max different from 11 and

September 15, 2021, 6:11 am
How`s iPhone 13 pro max different from 11 and
Hows iPhone 13 pro max different from 11 and 12 pro max?

The only difference is the prices Everything else is the same

the cameras are horizontal instead of vertical

The price only...

Waste of money if you ask me. But people have standards to maintain. Specs my guy. A phone is a design but specifications. You can do comparisons on Only subtle difference

The 13 promax comes with a refresh rate of 120hz where as the 12 promax has a 60hz The camera is upgraded Chipset is faster Memory goes up to 1tb Design wise the same

A15 bionic, a gimmicky marketing jargon that gets thrown around in order to rename an old phone

By the numbers

It has dual sim

I think it`s a the number 13

iPhone doesn`t care for the structural similarity. Remember the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 were exactly the same, with the same sizes, but different hardware. Same as 12 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max. For example, the A15 Bionic chip is faster than the A14, the new screen is 120 Hz

Selling my kidneys hmu It`s new. They`re now selling the brand "Apple" because all the designs are the same

Only price bra To me there`s no difference

Chelete is the difference! MONEY

Difference is unnoticeable by regular users, in short theres no difference

Display is much better as its 120Hz and storage is 1Terrabytes

The is no difference honestly ,they just discounted 11 pro max because it has similar features like the 13 pro max in a body of a 12 pro max ,its like they just upgraded the 13 pro max for better use

iPhone 13 Pro Max Has 1 Tuberculosis(TB) And iPhone 12 Doesn`t Have It Structurally I dont see any difference yazi

Battery life

Its the name

Hayi.... is not make sure Iphone 13 is more thicker than iphone 12 But my brother lives in soshanguve but i guess ill be the 1st person to have it They making money these ones

Design wise it`s different from the 11 but from the 12 I don`t know the difference.

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