how often do yall buy phones, and do you

July 22, 2021, 3:44 am
how often do yall buy phones, and do you
how often do yall buy phones, and do you get the latest ones?

I keep mine as long as it`ll last, and usually the cheapest model, as my parents are/were willing to pay that fully, if I want the newest I have to pay

the phone I have now is the first and only phone I`ve ever had and I got it like 3 years ago...

i had a samsung for like a year and then i got an iphone 7 and that was about 2 years ago so idk

every 2-3 years and no they end up being 1-2 years behind the newest phone

I buy one, wait for it to either be super slow or for my contract to end

got an 11 pro now and its time for an upgrade i fear like every 3 years and i get the newest one

when it stops functioning last two phones i dropped in the toilet and they kept acting up sooo

I gotten a phone in 2017, then I gotten a new phone two years later

When ever it breaks whether it`s physically broken or the system breaks down due to the batter so basically every 2 years or so

Usually if mine breaks or starts running really crummy then I get a new one, which isn`t for several years at most

Every 4-5 years unless I get one new to give my old one to my sister Never the new ones, moslty I get the economic ones

I get a phone every 2 years (that is if the phone isn`t broken) and we usually try to buy the cheapest yet best one for sale at that time

i get a new one whenever my old one stops working & i get the 2 year old model cuz its cheaper (im currently on my 2nd phone)

When I used android every two years with Apple every 4 years and its the newest one

only when it breaks

Every 2 years or when my phone be buggin

maybeee every other year, then i just get the newest one out at the time

I bought my 8+ in 2019. So Ill probably keep it for like another 2-3 years then upgrade.

Until the battery gets worse

I get a new one whenever my current one starts to seriously wear down, usually around the time the battery gets to the 60-70s. For me, thats about three years. I tend to get whatever the second or third latest model is, I dont need the latest stuff & its usually cheaper

my first two phones i got only a year apart but the one i have now i got about three years ago! i didnt get the latest ones when i did get new ones but i think i will this time

only when mine starts giving me problems, or after like 3-4 years

I usually don`t get a new one until mines stops working

i got my very first phone in 6th grade and kept it until it broke my sophomore year (2020) and got that replaced and ive had the same one since

i usually get one when mine breaks or starts running slow. i went from iphone 7 plus to 11 idk how long that is in phone years

i had an old android for years before i got myself an iphone 11 last year

when it breaks/stops working and if buying a new phone is cheaper than fixing it (i try to have a phone last me 2 years), and then i buy a new one that`s within my budget/savings

I get mine whenever my upgrade comes and I do get the latest ones.

Everytime my upgrade is available, I take it. Always get the newest or second to newest phone

i usually get a new one every 4-5 years

well I got a iPhone 6S as my first one for like 4 years, now I have a IPhone 11 plus so like every few years ig

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