How long have you been working on your #game?

January 14, 2021, 2:48 pm
How long have you been working on your #game?
How long have you been working on your game? Shameful self promotion ENCOURAGED! Post it here gamedev! indiedev IndieGameDev gamedevelopment indiewatch indiedevhour IndieWorldOrder polls wednesdaythought WednesdayMotivation

Started a little over 2 years ago, had a longer break but now back to the game, trying to polish and release the first demo in a few months. If you`re into brutal post-apocalyptic smutty horror than you might want to keep an eye on it Cheers! It`s coming nicely! A few adjustments to make in the tutorial music from the last round of feedback, but overall people are liking it!

It looks amazing!

I really want to keep it a surprise... So Ill just say that its pretty cool and I hope that I get a lot done this year :D

I don`t feel myself in position to advice anything. There are many factors. In my case major ones are: 1. Players were waiting for such game (not a donate based RTS on Android) 2. Game is free There is a donate button in the game and little ads, so, I can pay my worktime now.

It starts in march 2020 with the picture on the left. Now after a couple of months and improved graphics I can say that my baby is growing. Otherwar tower defense in which the player needs to defend the gates of heaven. It sure is haha! Thankyou, hopefully some more coming soon!

Thanks :) It`s a visual novel/stat manager where you are a teenage Sergeant leading her unit into a nihilistic war of attrition. It focuses on peril, struggle and found family.

As a hobby for about 10 years, now more seriously for almost two years

Hard to say at this point cause it depends on how much time I can spend on gamedev (dad of 2, house, full-time job) & on how long creating/implementing the other parts will take. Although I was working a year on it it was "only" ~95h in total. Maybe 1-1.5 years w/o the 2 DLCs?

One of the main characters works in a video store and there are scenes where she has to help customers find movies. Basically a way to include jokes about working in retail and dealing with bad customers!

I released Arcanbreak last year and looking to release For Evelyn this year! Started in about 2016 while working full time day jobs as only two devs, have released a beta demo with lots of content this past October. Hoping for a successful Kickstarter this year! We have been working on SomeWaitDreaming for a few months now. It`s an atmospheric puzzle game deep down bellow the surface of the sea. Drop a follow and Check out our prototyp. It would make us very happy! I started 1st October 2019 with few big pauses.. ( thank you HearthStone Battleground..

Thank you very much! Official description: An experiment plagued by psychological suffering, which is fleeing from itself and other threats, wandering through a world in which reality and imagination are not far apart. So it comes to a neverending escape from his own mind.

Making my RTS game "Siege Up!" for 2 years and 9 months already. Left job in Wargaming about year ago. Now it`s available in Google Play, having 3 millions of installs. Release on iOS is planned in couple months. And I have a dream to release it in Steam by the end of the 2021 )

320 rooms sounds enormous.

Juuuust less than 1 year . We are already committed with Chris. But we would love your feedback during the beta test!

Only is working in the music and SFX at the moment. I`m the developer and I`m starting to be an astist well haha Glad you like it, lets see if we can make it even better :)

Thankyou! I am just a solo dev and I also work full-time so progress is a little slow unfortunately.

I`ve only released an early alpha, It`s still a long way to go before a full release but I hope to get it out this year! Awesome, small world eh?

Yeah I have to go back through it!! Giving me more work to do, I LOVE IT!

It`s been 11 long months, so still short of a year, but GloomandDoomgame will be released next week! Yeah, I`ve definitely learned quite some things! Best thing was to learn how to procedurally generate a dungeon! That`s something I really wanted to learn for a while!

I don`t think I have seen this! Thanks, Chris!!

Thanks for asking! It`s hard to say because I`m doing it in my spare time, but I`m aiming for 1-2 more months. It`ll probably be 3 though, lol.

Thanks! You actually gave us some advice on the music a while back on the DMs which was helpful! And we say the same thing: if we can ever help you with anything feel free to reach out to us!

Nearly 5 months with 3 devs, just over 2 more to go! Its been a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too

Thx Chris! I`ve been working on LegendOfNamuria for a little more than a year now and I think it developed quite nicely so far: epic story, procgen dungeons, destructible objects, hacknslay & JumpnRun mechanics...Worked on enemy behavior lately Thanks! It`s not launched yet, we just set up our page haha! And we are two people, that is our first project together and first big indie project, but we have some experience working for others as contractors.

Running the Kickstarter while taking my college classes was one of the most challenging things I`ve ever done. I probably spent the first two months before, the month during, and the two months after the Kickstarter working every single day and it was exhausting!

Been working on Dimenshift for almost 5 months now. Was hoping this project would only take a few months, but oh well. Two years exactly as of this month! Solo dev takes a long time, but Im very happy with how its come along so far.

About 1 month now. Quick teaser from the 2 week mark. Top-down co-op shmup from the designer of DesertStrike JungleStrike. indiedev retrogames gamedev Working since summer 2015 on INZANE. Made many changes over the time: Better environment, better animations, more story content. At the moment we are preparing our demo which will be released soon. 10 more days until I have my one-year development anniversary of Chiaroscuro and the day I tackled GameMaker all together. I`m super proud of the progress I made this year, from the funding of the game, to the demo, to finding a fantastic community to support me along the way. Hi! I worked 3 years of spare time solo game dev on my game "AnShi". gamedev indiedev ue4

I`ve been working on my game for only a few months so it`s in early stages! Started it back in 2006 when I was a kid! Working diligently to make it properly shippable!! Hazordhu

Almost a year since we started working on BusinessHeroes, a fun and thrilling food truck Business Simulation where you get to (hopefully) grow your food business from a small startup to a massive empire. It`s available for Wishlisting now on steam: Hey, me and are working on a 2D metroidvania with synthwave ost called Stranded. We`ve been at it for half a year now on our free time. Thank you for the post! It`s been 7 months now I think, and it`s now on Steam! saddly no, since was made for a jam, and needed to be played by the participants without other players. WE tought about making it multy, but for that we have to scrach almost all the code :/ Also you can check my other games here: I expect to release the game in July!

less than a month, usually small games for game jams, to make some "teamwork" portfolio. like this one -> Almost one year since I started developing my game! It is a 2D sidescroller castlebuilder RTS game.
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