How I feel looking over the "Nintendo`s $60" trend

October 14, 2021, 8:23 am
How I feel looking over the
How I feel looking over the "Nintendo`s $60" trend

Every metroid game is pog idc

i get used to being livid at the comic and then someone finally uses it correct lmfAOOO

literally not a single exclusive game on xbox as good as Dread

That`s a pretty accurate interpretation of the situation

It`s gonna be funny when games start costing 70+ eventually lol

this is the thing I do not get weirdos in this conrext; what is it with people demanding realism or realistic aspects on a video game, isn`t video games suppose to be an escapism of reality aka realism? kinda defeats one of the major purposes of video games, don`tcha think? After reading the replies, I have to ask myself "Why do I still go on Twitter?"

Idk why everyone is saying it`s a $60 game if I got it for 50 and I`ve seen it like that everywhere

>sony and nintendo fans arguing about which 60 dollar game is better >me enjoying multiple games on the xbox game pass for 15 bucks I`ve never been a fan of the Metroid games but people can spend their money however they see fit. Not hurting me in the slightest. Someone buying this game for $60 does not take $60 out of my wallet.

I do think a ps4 is better than both consoles. but not by a lot, why do people do this just let people enjoy themselves

$50 at Wal-Mart. Tales of Arise $50 as well. Get them there and save 10 bucks per.

"its 2d so it must be bad and stinky`

Imo game pass is so worth it. In the last two years alone Ive enjoyed over $1,000 worth of content and I get to try new games I never would have tried otherwise!

Nintendo games are currently way cheaper than PS5 games. There is no way I am willing to pay triple digits after 12% tax at 100.78 CAD for a new PS5 game like Ratchet & Clank: Drift Apart.

Lol how come people just want to enjoy Metroid but these Sony fanboys gotta sit here and make a scene

i use xbox gamepass lol

Breath of the wild is 60$ Mario oddesy is 60$ Metroid dread is a short run of the mill metroidvania with a bit of cinematic edge. I am not against buying nintendo games on principle but 60$ is too much for the competitive metroidvania market.

Personally, don`t care over the $60 2d platformers. I think platformers are still an awesome genre and we have yet to tap in to their true potential.

Exactly. Xbots dont want anyone to have fun unless its on the game pass.

Both games are 120$ worth of fun combined and Xbox gamepass is just poggers in general

Sony makes excellent games but they`ve enabled a situation where their fanboys equate beautiful graphics with good games. These things don`t always go hand in hand.

Gaming is gaming. I grew up on all consoles and pc.

Nintendo good Sony good Xbox good Game good Play game

I`m not sure why people are acting like video games are ONLY good if they LOOK realistic. Like, if only games that were realistic were considered good, then no one would like LOTS of games.

Why compare? It`s 2 completely different genres and companies

This is better than $70 PS5 game.

You guys get sony games for $60? This is unfair

PC gamers: Crack games

Xbox gamepass is clutch

This QUIT HAVING FUN meme is how I see anyone who prioritizes graphics

i like Metroid Dread but i consider you all playing this instead Its a brand new 2D Metroid game since Fusion of course whatever it costs is whatever lol Considering this one does look really great

Its dumb, the price of the game is more than just realistic graphics.

As a Playstation enjoyer, I`m trying to save up money for an Oled and Dread.

I own all consoles. I don`t pay full price for any game or any console anymore.

me with 1000+ hours on stardew valley on Switch with poor graphics and it`s only $10: Man, I haven`t seen this meme since the Guitar Hero/Rock Band days. Good times.

Game Pass is ELITE!

"They don`t know that i have xbox game pass and access to other 50 games for a small monthly fee"

Nobody is telling anyone to stop enjoying the game. People are criticizing the game`s price and that`s fine. Don`t get so defensive.

I pay $10 a month for game pass and have played maybe 10+ games in under 8 months $80 price tag for $350+ value

Xbox has no idea what`s even happening

I wouldn`t say this is exactly true, they aren`t telling people to not have fun per say. More less they are asking why did they spend $60 on a game that has an ok art style and graphics among a few things while saying most PS games are worth $60 because they have all those things

lmao games havent cost just $60 in awhile

I don`t get it either, you`re not alone...

Yeah people dont realize that Nintendo makes their games $60 cause they know their supporters are willing to pay that much cause they care more about having fun they seeing top notch graphics

Xbox gamepass is great too but something like that wouldnt work for Nintendo solely because Nintendo relies on software and hardware sales to stay alive while Microsoft doesnt care how much money they lose they just want brand recognition

I have a Series S with GamePass (by the way been having a blast all summer, The Ascent, Psychonauts 2, Fligh Simulator, Deaths Door, Scarlet Nexus) and I bought a Switch OLED and Metroid Dread and I`m totally happy with my purchase

i`m glad Xbox is minding their own business as well as Nintendo including Xbox in their Minecraft cross play trailer :)

I spent 0$ and emulate ps2/ps1 games on my pc

Why is this accurate Jesus

India made changes regarding auto renewal of services, and microsoft in order to ease consumers pain made that new accounts will get 7 months extra on any service. I bought XBL, GP console, GP pc, and GP Ult. 8+8+8+8 months of GP ult for 25$. (Ult converts all others into itself)

I love the Xbox Game Pass guy just vibing in the background.

Whats the xbox guy in the corner thinking? They dont know they could spend a little money just once a month and get an increasingly endless library of games to download if so someone add that. It makes this meme complete

I don`t need super graphics i need fun games

Sorry you feel that way but Xbox has some good games too(Psychonauts 2 being a good one that Ive played recently). Im just rolling my eyes that people are being entitled gatekeepers with what games are better.

Honestly Xbox fan boys have just stayed out of the whole Metroid dread drama

Nintendo`s games are actually really well developed. Though it is quite annoying that when I want to play a new game. I gotta pay $80 up here in Canada.


Criticizing big companies is always morally justified

I can have fun playing metroid on yuzu

*$70/80 Sony game now. I am still salty about them increasing European game pricing by 33%.

How a game looks doesn`t even define how good it is anyway

- I play Nintendo games on PC with an emulator. - QUIT HAVING MORE FUN THAN ME!

You can buy PS games for 20$ after a couple months, 5 years old Nintendo games still cost 60$

These are always funny to me. Actual gamers are like "Oh look I have fun regardless the platform, except when its Stadia." XD

I have never seen a Playstation user do that

The Gamepass standing off to the back at the end is awesome.

I mean...the argument you are buying for fun broke when you can buy 5 games with this money

hey king how about over 199 games for just a dollar?

I mean I understand complaining about a price but like if you dont like the price dont buy the game

These people are making me want to quit having fun

I enjoyed metroid dread. Worth my 60 dollars

I want to slap him. Nintendo games are good

Why do people assume we care that much about a game looking 4K? Like its nice sure but thats not what any of us Nintendo fans are there for. A game is more than its graphics and for some reason thats been forgotten in the PlayStation/Xbox communities

They dont know i have over 300 games for free

After beating the game 100% on my first run in 12 hours I can say that I don`t feel that it was worth $60. Not because of the graphics or quality, but because of the amount of content in the game of this genre. 40 or even 50 seems fair. But this is my favorite game of the year.

graphic are cool, but I love fun games too Those graphic elitist never understand, lmao

Pretty accurate yep.

Definitely true Nintendo (1st party) games take FOREVER to drop their MSRP and even sale aren`t super great. But I`ve had the Switch since launch own about 100 physical games and have only paid $60 for about 5 of them. So deals can be found.

Xbox always dying to be part of the conversation. Poor guy

Damn Nintendo fans really took that meme to heart.

It would literally cost them $0 to not play something they think is not worth it.

There are so many "Quit having fun!" People over the internet for gaming it`s actually insane and really really sad

Imagine trying to promote Xbox gamepass online because you know most dont give two shits about it

Soulless video game company who just wants your money and hates preservation vs soulless video game company who just wants your money and hates preservation vs soulless video game company who just wants your money but at least they like preservation

If the game is good and you get good amount of hours into it then its okey. But blindly loving a company that only care for money and you defend it, now thats stupid (no matter what company is, most of them care for you wallet only)

Game pass is still goated

yeah that`s basically whats happening :P

If you don`t like the game/price it may still have been better to waste your money instead of your time rambling about it on here. Alternatively you can do neither of those things go out and live a rich full life nonetheless. Tis an option at least...

Bought Xbox game pass once and the thing wouldn`t let me play a single game. It was a glitched/bugged mess that kept telling me to buy game pass despite already having it. Rebooted/relaunched/signed out and back in, nothing fixed that piece of shit.

Anyone who compares switch games to fancy shmancy ps4/5 games to validate their point are automatically disqualified from further debate.

I can`t believe a game on a nintendo console would have a lower visual quality than it`s competitors, this has never been seen before

Why is this even a trend? Nintendo actually puts quality in their games while Sony Censors the shit out of `em while adding politics to the mix. Games with stylized visual are just as cool as some games with realistic graphics. Xenoblade and DMC 5 are great examples.

free on pc, but yeah its fun

Remember when Nintendo and Xbox made that trailer promoting cross play for Minecraft on their consoles, even having the other`s logo and controllers and everything in their trailers and it was amazing? Yeah, why can`t "gamers" on Twitter just do that?

Even the non crazy Sony fans feel this.

This is hella funny

Paying $60 for any Sony game and having all your personal/financial information stolen in the next Sony hack<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Seriously. If you don`t think it`s worth 60 cool but don`t try to hate on other people who did think it was worth it

Xbox and Nintendo Crosby and Malkin Lemieux and Jagr Butch and Sundance Beef and Broccoli Bacon and Eggs Beer and Pizza Hookers and Blow

My poor boy Xbox gamepass

I don`t think that criticizing a product is the same as an attack on people who enjoy that product

Spot on. But in fairness I`ve gotten a ton of enjoyment out of Game Pass for PC as well

Lol this is definitely the best take on this I`ve seen today

"sorry, i enjoy other things than third person action games"

To add to this: Or buy it on sale, but never play it as it is one of 30 other dirt cheap games I threw money at without ever installing.

Oh, shit. I applied the same economic logic that works on pc gaming. My bad.

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