How do we know what is real? Pre-download ‘The

December 6, 2021, 6:11 pm
How do we know what is real? Pre-download ‘The
How do we know what is real? Pre-download The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience for 5 and Series X/S for a glimpse into the future of interactive storytelling and entertainment with UE5:

Is Keanu Reeves real or CGI ?

When photorealism hits the fan we will look at the enemy IA and whisper "I miss FEAR games IA"


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This is the MetaHuman We have been waiting for, when is the release? Plus the hair physics are not 100% enabled... Whoever blueprinted him did not use groom correctly? It`s nice to see Keanu Reeves as a Meta Human.

Which system does it play better on? I don`t want to download it twice :)

This a game being announced?

This engine is generally gonna be game changing i cant wait for the likes of Hellblade 2 to finally get shown off running on it. This is are true first look of the engine running off the consoles and could be the start of a bigger reveal with the first few games to be shown off.

in the thumbnail i thought keanu was markiplier

Crazy that you can only download UE5 on PC because you know... that`s where games are developed, but the experience made with UE5 is just... not available? Makes sense

Make matrix game

why not came in PC.

Im waiting on this from Matrix: The path of Neo. My child inside of me is awake.

Come like and follow my Matrix NFT collection! PC guys punching the air right now

Boom done

Bring back year in review

Were in the Matrix

Playstion is better imo

The first couple followers to like this tweet and give us a private message, and is serious about purchasing a PS5 or XBOX will get there choice of a Xbox X/ XboxSeries X Halo Bundle, digital, or disc PS5 !! for retail ! PlayStation ps5restock WHY you kicking pleasent from the map i hate you for this

Really? No pc release? Cmon

by looking at the eyes

Please release it for PC as well...

How do we know what is real? Wake up....wake up

Thank you so much :) hardcore fan Matrix Experience! Nice. Really enjoy all the metaverse content. The Radiohead experience was cool. Its says Next Gen so I hope its in the Epic Games launcher on PC

There`s actually people that think it`s console only because those are better than PC? First of all we had sys req for ages, second of all everybody that wasn`t born yesterday knows it`s for promoting consoles so they stay relevant and it`s standard practice for years.

Is this a game for consoles or just a short movie

Oh my god wheres the pc version?

The Matrix Awakens

Downloading right now.

Why can`t it be on pc? Cmon now

This would be my first download when my ps5 arrives soon

Pc release?

How can you leave PC gamers behind? What an out of touch move.

Can`t the Epic Launcher do any preloading on PC? Is that why we get none? Might wanna add that function then, seems kinda important

what about PC...

Cant trick me with UE5 Keanu!

What about PC, though? Not everyone has a new console.

$H*T GOT REAL Got Avatars?! NFT MatrixNFT

Would this be considered the first officially released UE5 game?

As someone who want to be a developer after school This got me FU**! EXCITED to work on UE5

why not on pc platform

Please bring this to PC!

Please be a full game!!!!!!

R u joke? Where is pc and pcvr?

I remember ponys saying UE5 wouldnt be able to run on the series X

TheMatrix has me

Keanu out there asking thought provoking questions is the content I`m here for Why not on PC damnit!

When will it be available to watch?

protip: ignore morpheus and the machines, take both pills and see how deep the rabbit hole goes

Not for pc!?!?!!?????!

What?!?!?! Downloading... 25GB. I never thought I would feel tired of seeing keanu reaves, maybe it`s the long hair and beard.


buy avatars while you still can! Just lol... Not PC?! Yeah, right, The Matrix was build with a console... Very very poor...

MetaKeanu is cool. TheMatrix UE5 You can`t even create Meta Humans on Console`s. Come on guys :/ Wake up samurai!

Can`t wait for people to see this.. UE5, TheMatrixAwakens

wow nice graphics!

wait, no PC version? why?

ready for some next-gen action! Of course not to PC. Thank you very much, consoles are more important as usual :>

Looks good so far

No PC is kinda lame but ope

Because it doesnt look like a CG rendered version of Keanu Reeves.


PC Engine and no PC release, WTF?

Can you please let us download a Keanu Reeves metahuman?

Looks like I`m getting a PS5 TheMatrix I`m so ready

Why not for PC? Why only for already obsolete consoles?

Can`t wait to see what this is like

We want a full game

Whattt is happening here?

did Keanu already forget what happened last time people were given a 3D model of him

Why no PC/EGS version?


Omg you guys are too good

I sure will

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