How are you all liking The Noor app so

January 29, 2021, 12:33 pm
How are you all liking The Noor app so
How are you all liking The Noor app so far? Feature mana paling fav?

please buat penanda untuk i tanda sampai ayat mana i dah baca. overall i love the apps so much thank you for making it free.

can you let us decide which prayer time we want to be notified? or put more options of notification style such as beep, long adzan, short adzan or dont notify. thx

The Noor Playlist Suggestions here is the function to able us to open full surrah from the playlist rather than open the new tab `Al-Quran` to go to the full surrah version. Because while play a surrah on `playlist` tab, we can play another surrah on `Al-Quran` tab, it couse the double sounds

Is it time for me to change to iPhone?

: why android still cannot download

Everything is pretty much on point so far loving it!

dont like it since its not available for Android user. sekian.

Love all of it. If ada daily quotes lagi best

Fon android tak ada ke apps the noor?

The app only available for ios,so no comment from the android

I am satisfied with the contents of the application. Easy for me to check solat schedule when i travel/outstation.

Everything sister

Android takde so sad

Please enable prayer time in widget

Semua okay but it would be great if u add al mathurat feature also!

Hey guys! It`ll be a great pleasure if you could spare some time to answer this questionnaires for our research. It`ll only take a few minutes! This is my fav part translation by you. cant wait.

Google Play Store xde erk..

why it cant letak the waktu solat dekat widget

Android users be like... I like it so far but still needs improvement on the playlist switching. My favourite is the recitition still on when phone is locked. And the recitor were all amazing. Other than that, I would suggest to add on features such as daily verse and dua, perhaps halal foods as well.

can you add more features, such as offline surah? btw The Noor app

Alhamdulillah i have my favourite quran reciter there.

i love it even we close the apps the quran recitation still on. but problem are the quran recitatiin terjemahan bertindan, n i need to open when i want to see dah masuk waktu kebelum.. issit just me or i dont know the setting or mmg this things need to improve

Done install Hi Ms Neelofa, i dont know how applications work but as far as i know i cannot add The Noor to my widgets. its not very convenient to open the application every time i would like to view the prayer times. hope you can improve this, have a blessed Friday

was good. next update nanti bole la buat for widgets :)

I downloaded it yesterday but one thing that bothers me is that when I play any surah at the home page `playlist` and say I click play at the `quran` page, they overlap. 2 surah playing at the same time. Even during azan, the recitation doesn`t stop or pause. Can you take a look?

I like it! But i dont understand the playlist and alquran features. It does not sync. If i play the playlist, i nak able to read terus, instead i have to search the surah or just tap alquran and play for there. Idk maybe its just me thank you

can choose reciter!!!

major love ! Tapi I would love it if you can add a Tasbih feature in the next update

Still can`t download

Everything n the colour so cute

Prayer time & Quran.

Can choose which reciter i want to listen to


part surah is my favourite

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